President Gül: Non-believers must also be able to live freely

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İHA, April6-2008

Adnan Oktar: In evaluating this, we need to look at it in two ways, of course.  One is that we must give society a genuinely complete guarantee on the subject of secularism. There are people with no religion in Turkey, there are atheists and there are Marxists. These are also first-class citizens. They are first-class people. THESE PEOPLE MUST BE GIVEN GUARANTEES OF COMFORTABLE LIVES. And this needs to be given in a highly convincing and satisfactory manner. In other words, they need to be told you can live according to your own beliefs without suffering any pressure. In other words, they need to be told they will be treated as first-class citizens. This is being said, but it could be said better, more powerfully. Second, there are many initiatives aimed at damaging stability. There are many ways of having an impact, not just one. It is not a question of just one event. There are parties busy with it, and associations, and organizations and everything. We need to look at them as a whole.

Iran Itimat newspaper, October26-2008

Adnan Oktar: Secularism is a comfort. A great comfort for Muslims. There is no hypocrisy where there is secularism, and that is a great blessing.  In other words, people honestly express their views, people with no religion say thay have no religion, and that is real honesty, they say it completely in the open. Hypocrisy spreads where there is no secularism. In that event even if someone has no religion he still describes himself as devout, even as having great taqwa, deceiving those around him as if playing a role, like an actor in a play.  Who wants that? That is something very ugly. THOSE WITH NO RELIGION ARE STILL HUMAN BEINGS, OUR CITIZENS AND FIRST-CLASS PEOPLE. That is perfectly normal. Someone may have no religion, but should say so openly. Secularism gives a person the freedom to openly state that he has no religion. In addition, it also allows Christians and Jews to live comfortably and at peace. This is very important. Freemasons are also our citizens, and Marxists are also our citizens, and they are all first-class human beings. Of course they must live freely and independently in this country, at genuine ease, and that is only possible with secularism. 

Radikal, February6-2009



President Gül issued important message on the 72nd anniversary of the principle of secularism being enshrined in the Constitution. Gül said, "NON-BELIEVERS MUST ALSO BE ABLE TO LIVE WITHOUT BEING SUBJECTED TO PRESSURE.” Prime Minister Erdoğan said, "Secularism must be maintained as a unifying principle rather than a discriminatory one.

2009-03-25 14:37:13

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