A new ottoman conception on the agenda

What He Said?What Happened?

MPL TV, November 21-2008

In other words, the Turkish-Islamic Union, a great Turkish-Islamic Union supported by the Turkic states and under Turkish leadership. That will literally make a heaven on earth. It means amazing economic prosperity for Europe, America, Russia and China, because the oil and mineral wealth of all Islamic and Turkic countries will flow to them. They will also develop their commerce with the technical equipment and means obtained from there. They will come and build hospitals and facilities and roads. We will go and engage in useful activities in their businesses. There will be a mutual exchange of technology, science and art. Terror will come to an end in a moment. It will come to an end totally and from the roots. There will be no more spending against terror. Since peace and stability will ensue plenty and abundance will rain down, as it is narrated. There will be a glorious ease. We are in the Ottoman age. We are in the Turkish age. The age of the Turkish-Islamic Union. The age when the social justice and moral values of Islam rule. We will see all this in the next 10-15 years, insha’Allah.

EKIN TV, January 29-2009

Adnan Oktar:
Because Turkey has its Ottoman experience and its experience of state. This is something everyone agrees, and we have well trained administrators. We have very select politicians and leaders. Turkey can very easily accomplish this. Egypt wants it, and even Israel said so just the other day. They say, “You ran the region with ten privates and a sergeant and no problems arose. But we cannot manage it with a whole army. We cannot establish order here and we are facing real difficulties. We are suffering ourselves and troubling everybody around us.”  THAT MEANS THERE IS A NEED FOR THE CHILDREN OF THE OTTOMANS, FOR THESE HEROIC TURKISH NATION. TURKISH TROOPS ARE WELCOMED WITH APPLAUSE WHEREVER THEY GO, WELCOMED WITH LOVE.

Hurriyet, May 3-2009

“Emphasis on a New Ottoman Conception”
Speaking while taking over from Ali Babacan, new Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu outlined the borders of the Ottoman Empire and emphasized that in this way Turkey was a Balkan, Caucasian, Black Sea, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Caspian and Gulf country as of its impact. “Turkey must play a role in establishing order in all these regions” he said.  

Davutoglu went on:

"Turkey must play a role in establishing order in all these countries. Beyond just representing our 70 million, we have a historic debt to all those lands in which the Turks were once present. We must discharge that debt in the best manner. The most important change will be the transition from a crisis-oriented approach to a vision-oriented one. There is now a Turkish vision regarding the Middle East, the Caucasus, the EU and Europe. Turkey is now not just a country that reacts to crises, but one able to identify and effectively intervene in them before they occur, a country that establishes stability around it.”

Vatan, May 3-2009

“Davutoglu: We will be a country that
‘establishes order’ in the region”

2009-09-15 01:27:59

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