'Ahmadinejad is our friend'

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Turkhaber.com, June 7-2009

Adnan Oktar: Iran will never represent a threat to Turkey under any circumstances, insha’Allah. Iran loves Turkey, and we regard them as brothers.
There will only be love and friendship between brothers, not threats, doubts, fears and the like. The disagreements between the United States and Iran can also be resolved with dialogue and meetings. Turkey can be effective as an intermediary on that subject, insha’Allah. Indeed, American and Iranian officials recently sat down together in Ankara and held face-to-face meetings. That was a most important step. Next will come an atmosphere in which peace and stability can be maintained. But Iran’s real guarantee will be the Turkish-Islamic Union, insha’Allah. If the Turkish-Islamic Union is established, it will protect and maintain the rights of Iran in the best and most just manner. 

Milliyet, October 27-2009

“Ahmadinejad is our friend”

Prime Minister Erdogan told the British daily The Guardian: “Ahmadinejad is our friend. We have enjoyed very good relations so far.”

Hurriyet, October 27-2009

“Ahmadinejad is our friend”

Asked whether Ahmadinejad was friend or foe, Prime Minister Erdogan said: “There is no doubt he is our friend. We have always been friends and enjoyed good relations with him to date, and we have never had any problems.” 

2009-12-07 22:40:53

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