We have caught up with the ottoman on transiting without visas

What He Said?What Happened?

Kanal 35, January 18-2009

Adnan Oktar:  In the leadership of Turkey, establishment of a great Islamic Union, which contains all Turkic states and all Islamic states. That is to say, lifting passports and visas, opening borders and establishing a combined military force and political alliance. Just as how Europan Union has accomplished it, just as how Soviets accomplished it, we can also accomplish it. This will bring peace and love to the world, it will solidify our feelings of brotherhood. Both Jews and Christians will have an environment of peace they desire to see. An utter environment of peace comes into existence. They will be able to perform  their worship as they wish, and they will live in peace as they wish. In order to form this union as soon as possible, everyone, of course, has to put this on the agenda and demand it.

American Public TV, December 25-2009

Adnan Oktar: I talked about the Turkish-Islamic Union two years ago. After I said, the visa restrictions began to be annulled with Turkic and Islamic countries like Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkemenistan. What does it mean annulling the visas? It means  these nations will keep in touch with Turks easily, trade easily, and be in social relations without any difficulty.  After  visas are annulled, passports will also be annulled too. What is abolishments of passports? Like Islamic Economic Community, Turkish Economic Community, the Turkish Islamic Union will be formed. This doesn’t mean only politics and advantage. It is a union of love, mercy, tenderness, friendship, amity, feelings of brotherhood will dominate all. Consequently, above all, there will be love of Allah, fear of Allah, and an excitement caused by love of Allah. In that way, life will become meaningful. Otherwise, people do not attain happiness only by eating, drinking and trade. You see economies are collapsing. The main cause of economic crisis is lovelessness, egoism, individualism and above all Darwinism. With the collapse of Darwinism, domination of the moral qualities  such as mercy, affection and love, will overspread rapidly. Therefore, within a specific process countries will  join together and establish the Turkish Islamic Union within one-two decades insha’Allah.

Hurriyet, January 12-2010

Turkey’s mutual agreements of visa exemption with the countries in the East of Turkey, which used to be included in the Ottoman territories, are interpreted by diplomatic circles as “Turkey puts into practice the Ottoman Schengen.’’

2010-02-22 21:45:45

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