Turkey fills the gap of Arabs

What He Said?What Happened?

Bagdat TV, March 2- 2008

Presenter: Can I ask one more question? In the area where Turkish Islamic Union is planned to be established, there are two poles, one is Iran, other is Saudi Arabia. There seems to be a block of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Palestine’s Hamas. On the opposite of this block there are Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan, countries that receive the support of Western Countries. In this picture where should -Turkey take place? How can it lead such a geography?

Adnan Oktar: When Turkey becomes the elder brother, there is no country in the region which will not accept its brotherhood. Including Shiites, Jaafaries, Saudies and Iranians.  For example, when Ahmedinejad came to Turkey, he performed salat  (regular prayer) behind a sunni imam and in a sunni mosque. What does it mean? It means “If you become the leader, I will accept  you as a leader. This is clear. He said that he also gave a political message here. He stated that he delivered a very important political message. What ese can he say? Hezbollah also accepts it, everyone accepts it. There is no country in the region  which opposes  the leadership of Turkey. Because Turkey is  a very moderate, benign and reasonable country. Its people are honorable, well-mannered, cultured and experienced. You know  this nation has lead the region for centuries.  It has inherited an experience from the Ottomans times Turkey will appear as a brother of all Turkic and Islamic countries. Everyone will see this. I say this clearly, a decade later, I will put my signature on these words. Insh’aAllah.

Zaman, January 14-2010

2010-02-22 22:12:49

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