Turkey must be the mediator

What He Said?What Happened?

Ekin TV, February 12-2009

Adnan Oktar:
Actually, this is a religious  obligation for Muslims, the Turkish-Islamic union is an obligation. Because seperation is unlawful for Muslims... For example, why should we seperate from Azerbaijan, Turkestan, SYRIA AND IRAQ?...Everything has a master, doesn’t it? For example in a bakehouse, there is a kneador. There is a master of blacksmith. There is a master of leadership too, and this is the Turkish people. In Turkish Islamic world, Turkey is considered as the leader. A leader must show its  position clearly. When the leader is searched for, that is a fitnah and there appears disorder. But leader is clear and obvious, that is the right of Turkey. Sacred relics of our Prophet (saas) are here (in Istanbul). The experience is here. Thanks be to Allah, we have a great cadre of intellectuals who are well-educated and have fear of Allah. We are reasonable people, moderate, merciful, compassionate, resistent to pain and patient. We are nation that enjoy people’s happiness. If you notice, currently whereever we go, we endeavor to establish peace and understanding. People say “come and mediate us”. For example, Israel calls us, SYRIA CALLS US, ALGERIA CALLS US. WHY DO THEY CALL US? Because they know that Turkey is the natural leader of the region. Of course, we will  then say,  Turkey will have to lead the union. We will say Turkey must be the leader.  Turkic countries are seperated artificially. We are a family. This is a work of a family. We lay claim to this way, to the Turkish Islamic Union, as a family. It is natural that we will unite with Turkic countries, our brothers, Islamic countries and we will embrace our family and we will protect them insha’Allah.

Türkiye, December 30-2009

2010-02-22 22:20:30

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