Arab leaders: Turkey is a bridge to the west

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Gaziantep Chanel 5, September 22- 2008

Adnan Oktar:
Let’s enter the European Union with glory, dignity and splendor. Let’s enter it as a leader of Turkish Islamic Union. Otherwise, it would be improper for Turkish Nation to ask them for money or job. It would be improper for us to behave in such a manner that actually means begging for help. On the contrary we go to help them, we give them money, we provide economical opportunities to them and we enter to the Union as a leader. WE OFFER THEM THE POWER AND THE PROSPERITY OF THE WHOLE ASIAN REGION, ALL ISLAMIC COUNTRIES.  WE ALSO OFFER THEM THE TECHNICAL FACILITIES. WE ACT AS A BRIDGE. I exactly mean this. Nonetheless I pretty like the European culture, art and science. I like positive culture, positive science of European Countries without question. I also admire the architectural works. I have  great respect for them in this context. I also approve of their practise of democracy, understanding of freedom. I wish them more freedom and more democracy indeed. I also wish Turkey to adopt European democracy and even more of it.  Of course I want Turkey to join in European Union in this context.

Star, January 30-2010

In a panel called New Balance of Power in the Middle East that took place in Davos, Amr Musa; Arab League Secretary General, Feryad; Palestine Prime Minister, Rıfai; Jordan Prime Minister said: “Turkey will define our relationship with the West”

2010-03-29 22:44:30

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