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Konya TV, February 28-2008

Adnan Oktar: Turkey’s mission is to become the leader of Turkish Islamic world. Turkish Nation has an enormous responsibility in this formation. Undertaking the leadership of Turkish Islamic world is one big duty in the world history and THIS IS ONE VITAL ROLE OF TURKISH NATION. In other words, as a nation we are responsible for the rescue of not only Turkey but also the whole Turkish-Islamic world as well. Actually, Turkish Nation never looks like other nations. This is not a racial statement indeed. Turks are truehearted, good natured, caring, compassionate and extremely self-sacrificing people. Go to any Turkish village house as a guest. You will see, best place of the house will be set apart for the guest; best foods will be offered to the guest; most comfortable bed will be prepared for the guest and best cups are used while serving the guest. Do you know what does that mean? That means our nation is full of people who are not self-centered. On the contrary, our people are warm-hearted and self-sacrificing. This is an excited nation who strongly desires to sacrifice its life for the sake of Allah. Turkish Nation is really very enthusiastic.

Erzincan Can TV, July 23-2008

Adnan Oktar: The European Union is a good union and in fact it is essential. Turkey’s entry is really necessary but not in the present situation. Turkey should join EU by holding the leadership of Turkish Islamic world; thus as A SUPERPOWER ACTING AS A BRIDGE TO EUROPE…

Daily Timeturk, March 11-2010

Turkey is the most respected and important country among all Muslim states.” commented Middle East specialist Dr. Yusuf Nur Avde in his article which has been published in Al-Quds Al-Arabi (Arab Jerusalem) Newspaper in London. In the article it is reported that “Turkey expends more energy on Arab-Israel issue than any other Arab country.” It is also reported that “Turkey demands peace and silence in its own region while creating an optimistic atmosphere in between his neighbors which has been once established in the most pessimistic way during the past years.”

Avde stated that Turkey acts as a bridge in connecting European and Asian countries to each other. He also expressed that Turkish Government always demands to develop its relations with EU countries.

2010-04-12 20:57:45

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