Another 1.1 billion TL for agriculture

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MPL TV, November 21-2008

Adnan Oktar:
 However this crisis can be a little risky I must say. We should take these measures: Stockbreeding and AGRICULTURE SHOULD BE TAKEN AS A PRIORITY. STOCKBREEDING AND AGRICULTURE. THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD SUPPORT THESE SECTORS TEN TIMES MORE THAN OTHER SECTORS. AGRICULTURE AND STOCKBREEDING SHOULD BE ENORMOUSLY SUPPORTED. OUR STOCKBREEDING AND AGRICULTURE CAPACITY AS A COUNTRY SHOULD BE INCREASED BY 3 TO 5 TIMES. This is an enormous measure and a very strong measure. Attaching importance to agriculture and stockbreeding is a solid measure that will stop a perilous development.

Al-Jazira Tv, December 13-2008

Adnan Oktar: This economic crisis is not just any economic crisis. This is an event which was notified to happen in the End Times… THE BEST SOLUTION TO THIS IS TO GIVE IMPORTANCE TO AGRICULTURE AND STOCKBREEDING. Agriculture sector should be supported as well as the stockbreeding sector. Government should provide grants and subsidies to those who deal with raising and trading of livestock animals and barnyard fowl. The government should also establish institutions and foundations about this matter in order to increase wealth.

Turkiye, January 25-2010

This year there is a 24.7 percent increase in agriculture grants.  Payment to farmers, which was 4 billion and 494 million liras last year, will be pushed up to 5 billion and 605 million liras by an increase of 1.1 billion liras. The government will provide 155 billion liras for rural development in terms of agriculture, 70 billion liras for backstopping payments and 70 billion liras for crop insurance support payments.

2010-04-13 18:59:38

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