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Vatan TV, January 12-2008

Vatan TV: Again, our purpose is of course to present your opinions, to tell your ideas. Perhaps, one of the most vital points of this interview for me is that you do a work which is utterly different from that of the current discourse. What were these? You explain the Turkish-Islamic Union. We have mentioned just previously, but I saw a map about the Turkish-Islamic Union in one of your books.

Adnan Oktar: Yes.

Vatan TV: If the cameramen could just zoom in the map, so that I would see. The major part of your map of the Turkish-Islamic Union is composed of Russian Federation, Kazakhistan, Saha Turks, Yakutia, Burma Empire, India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and Jordan. So, you look at the population of India, it is 1 billion and you look at that of Africa… So in such a big region, is it possible to establish the Turkish-Islamic Union from Turkey? Would the world let you do this?

Adnan Oktar: This means that the whole region will live peace and prosperity in a brotherly way. They all want this. Because all the regions named, are territories, which are oppressed with terror, anarchy and blood. You say that you offer them peace, comfort and civilization. Why wouldn’t they accept?

Vatan TV: But now of course it is difficult to tell the details of this in a television program. There will be some structuring for this Turkish-Islamic Union. It will have a administrative center, a secretariat, a state. How will the secretariat of the Turkish-Islamic Union be like?

Adnan Oktar: In that period, when that happens, a Parliament of the Turkish-Islamic Union would be established and actually it is being established, it is being prepared now. And someone who is considered to be suitable by the commonwealth would be appointed as the head, and it proceeds just right.

Star Newspaper, January 26-2008

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