Turks will return to the scene of history as an empire

What He Said?What Happened?


Al Alam TV, September 23-2008

Adnan Oktar: The Islamic morality is about to prevail the world. Let me I tell you that THE TURKISH ISLAMIC UNION WILL BE ESTABLISHED IN THE LEADERSHIP OF TURKEY IN 10 YEARS. I am here. If it doesn’t happen, come to me saying: “You told us but it didn’t happen.” It will definetely happen. But I am saying this clearly, and giving you details; it will happen in the pioneership of Turkey and Turkish nation. Azebaijan and Turkey will unite. They will unite as two states one nation. Syria and Turkey will unite soon. Iraq and Turkey will unite soon and there will be chaining progressions. Caucasian Union Project will happen. This is a part of the Turkish Islamic Union too. This pipeline transport projects, railway projects, these are the infrastructure of the union. Islamic Union meetings,Turkish Union meetings and the acheivements in this and successful steps are the signs of these. Now there isn’t any other way than this anyway. I mean there isn’t any other way than Turkish Islamic Union in terms of Turkish Islamic Union, in terms of Turkey. This is the destiny of Allah... Everything has a determined time, has a blessed time, that blessed time has come now and it is going to happen insha’Allah.


Abu Dhabi TV, February 19-2009

Adnan Oktar: Let me tell you the solution of this. These issues are continueing because Muslims aren’t willing to agree to this solution. Its solution is all Muslims to unite. This is obligatory. This is the commandment of Allah. I mean it is an obligatory duty like praying, like fasting. If someone doesn’t pray, that person is a perverse. If someone doesn’t want Islamic world to unite and be a body, that person is also a perverse. So he commits a sin. The best solution for this is a Turkish Islamic Union in the pioneership of Turkish nation, pioneership of Turkey, with the support of Turkish countries. The reason why I see the Turkish nation as the leader is that it is very strong in the moral sense and because of its spirit of struggling for the Islamic faith. Turkish nation is a metaphysical nation and Allah assigned it specially. Allah created that way. I mean Turkish nation is the sword of Allah. It is Sayfullah. It has such an attribute. I mean, by saying sword I don’t mean chopping, murdering people. This a sword of justice. With its justice, virtue, love, compassion, clemency, honesty and hundreds of years’ experience, the Turkish nation has the power to excellently execute the duty of being a leader. So with a little power it managed the Islamic countries very well in happines, tranquility in three continents. THIS SAME STRUCTURE HAS TO BE ESTABLISHED AGAIN. TURKISH ISLAMIC UNION HAS TO BE FORMED AGAIN LIKE A NEW OTTOMAN. Christians, Jews, even the Buddhists, even the atheists, everybody rest in this kind of establishment. All the Muslim world will live in peace... Muslims have to unite immediately. Then they will see that this issue will be very still and silent, everywhere will turn to fairground. A miracle happens and all the Muslim shall be in trainquility.

Sabah Newspaper, March 4-2009

The famous strategist from USA, CEO of Stratfor, George Friedman stated that TURKEY STARTED TO INCREASE ITS POWER IN THE AREA and until 2040 it will prevail once again on the lands of Ottoman. If the person who raised this subject was an ordinary person, of course his views wouldn’t be included in this newspaper. But if the person who predicts that Turkey will establish an empire again is the CEO of one of the most important private global intelligence firms of USA and known as his closeness to the United States Department of Defense, we must pay attention to what he says.

 Friedman said, “YOU CAN ALREADY SEE THE TRACES OF THE SOVEREIGNTY WHICH TURKEY WILL ESTABLISH ON THE FORMER OTTOMAN GEOGRAPHY”, said “THE PROCESS HAS ALREADY BEGUN.” If you take a look at the Islamic geography, you can see that Turkey’s weight over these countries is gradually increasing. It has already started to dominate the area. Its relations with Albania and even with Serbia are progressing in the Balkans. It established a poweful alliance with Georgia and Azarbaijan in Caucasia. The things I predicted that will happen in the future are progressing now.” According to Friedman, Turkey is a leader country by its nature.


Friedman says, “Turkey has two characteristic features.It has a dynamic economy and a very strong army. You have the biggest 17th economy in the world. I am expecting you to reach the 10th position until 2020. You own a big army and a strong air force. Your geographic structure is your the most important advantage. In brief, everything necessary to be the reginonal power is available in Turkey and you don’t have any alike of you in the area.“

Sabah Newspaper, March 4-2009

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