President Beshar al-Assad: Turkish blood and Arab blood are the same

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Baskent TV, 13 February 2009

Adnan Oktar: Our Prophet was an Arab. Arabs are our dearest friends, sons of Ishmael. They are the descent of the Prophet Ishmael (as). They are a sacred lineage. We can’t think the other way. Arabs do have an admiration for the Turks. All Arab countries now know that Turkey is the leader. This is destiny. There are hadiths of our Prophet (saas). Our Prophet (saas) entrusted the whole Muslim community to the Turks. There are many hadiths. Our Prophet (saas) says that there will be red flags at first and these are Turkish flags. He says that they will unite with the green flags. The flags of Islam community, and we will establish the Turkish-Islamic Union with the red and green flags insha’Allah. Our Prophet (saas) says, Hazrat Mahdi (as) will unite the scattered Turkish flags. Look it is very clear, it says in the hadith that he will unite the scattered Turkish states and establish this union. I’m broadly telling the meaning of the hadith. This is an inevitable destiny. Arabs, Iranians, Pakistanis, Egyptians, no matter who, Armenians, Georgia, Lithuanian, they are all in the Turkish-Islamic Union, our dearest, our soul, our brothers. We will embrace all of them with affection, guarantee their life and property, we will make all of them rich, bring them peace both materially and spiritually. This is destiny… The Turkish-Islamic Union will bring light and prosperity to the whole world. These are the things that will be seen, not much, within the following days and years. For example, I mentioned the Turkish-Islamic Union, and there were headlines in both foreign and local newspapers like “A new Ottoman? The Turkish-Islamic Union is coming.” I have been holding this subject on agenda for only two months, and it is everywhere now. Now go to Palestine and ask which country should be leader, any individual could go and ask. There is only one answer: Turkey.

There is the experience of centuries and the last couple of years and this is also information given in the hadiths, so the entire Muslim world knows that Turks will establish the Turkish-Islamic Union. This is definite in the hadiths. For example, the whole Muslim world knows that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will emerge from Istanbul. They all know that the Turks will become leader. This is the result of knowledge and training and Allah inspires this into their souls. This is the most important of all, this is what really matters.

Haber 7, June-7-2010

President Bashir al-Assad: the Turkish blood and Arab blood are the same

In the press conference organized after the Asian Security Summit, President Bashir al-Assad stated these:
 “Our feelings for the Turkish martyrs are the same as our feelings towards losing a Syrian, Palestinian or any Arab citizen." …. "We, in Syria, are not supporters of speeches or statements…” He added that Syria is ready to go on with no hesitation for any measures taken by Turkey's leadership… "My Brother Prime Minister Erdogan has said in one of his speeches recently that Jerusalem is the same as Istanbul and what happens in the Palestinian territories happens on Turkish lands, and I say to him that the Arab blood and the Turkish blood are the same. … This is well known, so we are talking about one blood throughout history"..


2010-06-09 07:18:49

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