Prime Minister: No division in this period

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Al Quds Newspaper,  November 17- 2008

Adnan Oktar: It is important to concentrate on telling the signs leading to faith in Palestine. These people need to be told and their awareness should be raised about the existence and Oneness of Allah. Darwinism should be eradicated from Palestine completely. Darwinist-materialist thought should be erased completely. When this happens, I think that the conflict between Hamas and Palestine Freedom Organization would also be lifted. Because this seems to me like an incident arising from scarcity of faith. Because brothers would never fight with one another. This is forbidden in the Qur’an. There is no way, no such thing could happen. And also in such a difficult environment where Palestinians are already mistreated, a conflict in itself would be a great remorselessness and oppression. Mind you don’t; mind you don’t do something like that. They should be very keen on each other, strengthen their brotherhood bonds even more. They should increase their culture and knowledge, deepen in faith. They should increase their love of Allah. They should be patient, insha’Allah they will meet a big salvation and a big conquest insha’Allah. They will meet a moral conquest and a moral salvation insha’Allah.


Maraş Aksu TV, January 7-2010

Adnan Oktar: For once there are divisions of land in Palestine, right? They are divided in small, tiny pieces. They must be united, because it is very important, now if –may Allah forbid- Konya were separated from us and there were something else in between, no way. All of them must be united. Secondly, the moral division must be avoided; Hamas and Palestine Freedom Organization should be like in a single body. Because our Allah is the same, our Book is the same; we are brothers and sisters. And also as a race they are one, they are all sons of Ishmael. Therefore, division will be eradicated, but this doesn’t solve it. What needs to be done? The Turkish-Islamic Union needs to be established. This is the main thing, the Turkish-Islamic Union. Without the Turkish-Islamic Union, tribulation and conflict would not be eradicated and there would be no tranquility, even if Palestine is united. Unity doesn’t solve anything. It can even lead to different incidents and there would be no profusion coming out of unity. The only solution is the Turkish-Islamic Union; the establishment of a large structuring in the region with the leadership of Turkey and entering the European Union with these beauties. The European Union will also be a part of our Turkish-Islamic Union, it will be great. Yes, the world ends in a beautiful way, insha’Allah.

Internet Haber, June 7-2010

In the press conference held after the Asian Security Summit, Prime Minister Mr. Erdogan pointed that Palestinian people should be united in itself and Arab Union and Organization of Islamic Conference should act together.

-    What will be done to lift the Gaza blockade?

-    Prime Minister Erdogan: There are two institutions in the region about this subject. Arab Union and Organization of the Islamic Conference. These two institutions should cooperate in a serious manner, in a period like this there should be no division. It is a must that Al-Fath and Hamas are peaceable. Hamas gives us the authority required and wants a solution to its problem. We will meet with Al-Fath in a while and we wait for the same thing. The demands of the Palestinians are above all. There could be meetings with Al-Fath, it was a serious wrong to mark Hamas as a terrorist organization.

2010-06-09 18:33:59

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