Hazrat Mahdi's (as) followers will not fear the pressure put upon them

Imam az-Zaman [Hazrat Mahdi (as)] will rub his hands between his followers’ chests and shoulders by which they will not hesitate in any judgment. No decision will be difficult for them. (Bihar al-Anwar, vol: 52, p. 345, 'Al-Fetan Wa Al-Malahem; Mikyaal al-Makaarem, vol.1, p.144/235)

The hadith notes that Hazrat Mahdi’s (as) followers may encounter pressure. Troubles similar to those that confront all believers who sincerely strive to spread the moral values of Islam will also be inflicted on Hazrat Mahdi’s (as) followers. But Hazrat Mahdi’s (as) followers will be fearless and resistant in the face of the pressure that may be brought to bear on them. The hadith suggests that court rulings may go against the followers of Hazrat Mahdi (as). But Hazrat Mahdi’s (as) followers will be unaffected by such decisions against them, and there will be no let up in their enthusiasm and the intellectual work they perform for Allah’s approval.

2009-06-28 00:33:18

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