The anti-freeze system that protects penguins from freezing

Under normal circumstances, walking on ice barefoot is extraordinarily difficult for a human. Even if one tries to do so, he will face the imminent danger of freezing after a short while.

Then how come the penguins don’t freeze, although they walk barefoot on ice all their lives?

The emperor penguins, a manifestation of Allah’s Gentle Artistry, and which live in the polar regions, spend most of their lives walking on ice, and foraging for food in the freezing ocean. Yet how is it that penguins live in the poles, which proves impossible for humans when they don’t take  special precautions ?

Measures to keep penguins warm

A major  part of the penguin bodies are covered with a water-tight fur to keep them from getting cold. A thick fat layer underneath their skin provides additional insulation as well. Indeed, this double-layered protection proves so effective that sometimes penguins can overheat in a sunny day. However All-Mighty Allah created very special measures to prevent penguins from overheating as well. The exposed beaks and the feet of the penguins allow for the loss of heat, helping maintain their body temperature at a constant.

In cold weather, it is our feet and hands that get cold first because the blood is drawn out of the hands and feet and is sent to the vital organs to keep them optimally functioning. Penguins have a similarly miraculous system. By the means of controlled blood flow, the feet of penguins don’t freeze on ice.

The Special System in the Penguin Veins

Certain arteries in penguin's feet can adjust the blood flow according to the temperature in the feet. They can, for example, send enough blood to keep their feet at a temperature that is just a fewer degrees higher than the freezing point. By means of this amazing measure, the penguin's feet don’t freeze.

It is the All-Mighty Allah, Who creates everything in a ‘perfect’ manner, that gave this protective system to penguins and helps them survive in the face of freezing cold. All-Mighty Allah creates all living things with systems suitable for their environment.


“Your god is Allah alone, there is no god but Him. He encompasses all things in His knowledge.” (Surah Ta Ha, 98)

2011-06-15 18:08:42

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