The French have been bowled over - 09.05.2007 France/20 minutes

20 Minutes, a French daily with a circulation of 850,000, reported the latest developments regarding the Atlas of Creation on its web site in a report dated 9 May, 2007, titled “Charles Darwin and Islam Toe to Toe:”

... They have initiated a counter-attack against Darwin with a book in which Darwinism is described as the root of all evils and accused of matters such as communism, Nazism, racism and terrorism. The book, 765 pages long, has been sent to all schools in Europe. It is extremely well-illustrated, printed on glossy paper, full of pictures and has been dispatched to higher education institutions of all kinds. The name of the book is the Atlas of Creation, and was written by a pleasant Turkish Muslim under the name of Harun Yahya.

The book has been appearing in the mailboxes of schools ever since last summer. It has now reached the mailboxes of various politicians and scientists. The book has been presented to a large number of politicians and scientists. As it says in the book: Darwinism is the source behind several ideologies that favor violence and have led to the disasters experienced by mankind over the last century, and Islam is the only solution to the crises in the modern world... The French were bowled over in February by this surprise in the written form.

2008-10-18 19:27:21

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