Solutıons From Mr. Adnan Oktar To Upset The Massacre Plan In Egypt

Being obstinate with one another is not the solution. Morsi also must change his methods. They are all fond of their pride but everything has a fair limit. Both sides need to  cool down. If the military and opposition fear bigotry they can say “Alright we are immediately abolishing this.” They need to say “Are you concerned? Come and be a partner in power even if we are the ones who won. We can give you a ministry and we can rule together.” That is all.

Morsi is also held captive for no reason. Sisi also lives in fear day and night wondering “When are they going to kill me?” They can all come here to Turkey and we can hold a meeting to solve the situation. They can come to Turkey. Sisi can come and they can also bring Morsi. A delegation from the US and Turkey can also attend. The problem can be solved in a conversation. They can assign one person as an arbitrator, but they must agree and abide with the decision of that arbitrator.

Who can be the arbitrator? PM Erdogan or our Minister of Foreign Affairs can be. He is a very decent and honest person. Our Minister of Foreign Affairs can ask them, “Let’s find a middle way and solve this situation.”

It is also to the advantage of Morsi supporters to abolish bigotry. It is to their advantage, but of course they don't think that it is bigotry. They think that it is the command of religion, however it is not; it is bigotry.

For example, look, even though Gannushi won they also took in liberals as part of the government in Tunusia. Well done. Why make them restless for no reason?

At the meetings in Egypt, it is important that the military is respectful and decent. It would be nice if the military officials also attended the meetings of government, but not in a way that will trouble the government of course.

2013-08-14 00:38:18

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