Talk of Islamic Union from the prime minister

Al Baghdadi TV, 30 April-2008

Adnan Oktar: We need to look at a direct solution, of course. The solution is for the whole Islamic world to combine together, THE FORMATION OF A GREAT TURKISH-ISLAMIC UNION UNDER TURKISH LEADERSHIP, FOR TURKEY TO MAKE ITS WEIGHT FELT AS A SUPER POWER IN THE REGION and to protect and watch over the whole Islamic world as its blood brother, to enable them to grow stronger economically and politically and every way, to take the Turkish world, almost all of whom are Muslims anyway, under its protection and to put an immediate end to anarchy as a regional super power. Taking a step toward a great civilization, we must strive to resemble the time of the Prophet Sulayman (as). That is the solution.

Ekin TV, February 2-2009

Adnan Oktar: Since they want a suggestion, let me say this; I would ask them to place their trust in Allah, let them make their demand for a Turkish-Islamic Union clear, no matter which member of the government he may be. Nothing untoward will happen, we are behind them, a devout and heroic nation. The bloodshed in Israel will stop when the Turkish-Islamic Union is established. The sufferings of the Palestinians will come to an end, and Israel will be able to relax. Devout believers will be at ease. Christians will be at ease. Everyone will be at ease. Any delay means prolonging those sufferings. Whoever does not desire Turkish-Islamic Union will bear the spiritual responsibility for the suffering that takes place.

Haber7, December 24-2009

“Islamic Union” Implication from Erdogan

2010-01-19 01:38:13

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