Two countries, one cabinet

Trabzon TV, September 4-2008

Adnan Oktar: SYRIA AND TURKEY MAY UNITE AT ANY MOMENT. Syria wants this desperately, for Turkey to act as older brother... They want Syria and Turkey to be separate states within a single whole. This is excellent. Within the Turkish-Islamic Union. Of course there is nothing different about us, and Turkey and Syria will unite, insha’Allah. This is a sign of that. We will be able to go to Syria without passports or visas, and Syrians will be able to come and stay here as they please. We will be brothers, insha’Allah, and these are the first signs of a great unity.

Ekin TV, January 29-2009

Adnan Oktar:
Everyone’s desire everywhere for Turkish-Islamic Union needs to be emphasized. For example, people can write to official bodies, it can be discussed in coffee houses and talked about. It needs to be made a serious part of the agenda on television discussions. Our failure to unite is so illogical. We come from the same line and the same race and share the same deen, everything about us is the same. There are many border crossings, and they must be opened. The crossing with Azerbaijan must be opened, and with Georgia and with Iran and Iraq. THE BORDER CROSSINGS WITH SYRIA MUST BE OPENED UP, and with Turkistan. Let us go and do business freely, and talk. They are part of us, our very dear brothers. WHY SHOULD WE SHOW A PASSPORT WHEN WE GET TO THE BRODER? WE MUST BE FREE TO JUST DRIVE THROUGH .

Bugun, December 24-2009


An agreement on 51 areas of cooperation and joint action in 51 different firlds has  been signed between Turkey and Syria. Erdoğan stated that the transport ministers from both countries had performed the opening of the Gaziantep-Aleppo railroad, and said: ''This was also highly significant. Insha’Allah, we can continue this with the Damascus and Hejaz railroad. History will allow us and future generations this excitement that is anticipated again. The great social, commercial and cultural importance of the steps being taken is clear for all to see.”  

Prime Minister Erdogan went on to say that it was also important for the road and rail links between the countries to be joined up. “We regard Syria, not as a market of 20 million, but as the gateway to a Middle East market of 320 million” he concluded. 

2010-01-19 01:42:44

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