Turkey should act as ''older brother'' to Muslims

What He Said?What Happened?

Konya TV-February 28, 2008

Adnan Oktar: They are a really heroic nation. That is why they must undertake this duty straightaway. The Turkish-Islamic world longs for it to assume the leadership. I have spoken with all the Turkic states. Just about every one wants Turkey to serve as leader. I speak and learn from all the leading figures from the Turkish-Islamic world. They all want to see Turkey take over as leader. There is no sense in prolonging matters. THE TURKISH STATE AND THE TURKISH NATION MUST FINALLY LEAD THE TURKISH-ISLAMIC WORLD. This is a crucial responsibility. The responsibility for all of them lies with us.
Adnan Oktar: The liberation of Palestine is down to us. And the salvation of Israel. Israel will be able to relax with us. Armenia, Turkestan, Tajikistan, Iran and Pakistan will all attain salvation with us at the helm. Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria will jump for joy if Turkey becomes leader. That is why we must delay no longer. Turkey must actively want the job. Nobody will object. Nobody will stand up and say they refuse to accept if Turkey asks for the job. It is something everyone wants.

Daily Taraf-June 2, 2008

“Turkey is the Leader in the New Islamic Vision”

Daily Yeni Safak-May 28, 2008

“Turkey should act as ‘older brother’ to Muslims”

A statement by Fathi Yakan, head of the Lebanese Islamic Labor Front:
“Underlining Turkey's importance in the region, Yakan said THEY EXPECTED TURKEY TO ASSUME THE ROLE OF ‘OLDER BROTHER’ TO MUSLIM ARAB COUNTRIES. Yakan went on to describe how in terms of both its strategic position and its past experience Turkey was in a position to lead the Arab Union, and referred to the Ottoman Empire by saying that ‘heroes rise up where they fall.’”
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