Famous Israeli Rabbi refers to Turkey

What He Said?What Happened?

Uşak ART TV-August 19, 2008

Adnan Oktar: Devout, Allah-fearing and rational; such a nation is the one Allah entrusts with bearing the standard of Islam.  Allah entrusts such a nation with the task of spreading Islamic moral values, insha’Allah... A model nation living by Islam. Ask anyone in the Islamic world now. Ask who best lives by Islam. It is the Turks who live by it in the most rational, consistent and just manner. They are the most immaculate.  THAT IS WHY THERE IS UNANIMITY AND THEY ALL SAY THAT TURKEY SHOULD BE THE LEADER. THE WHOLE TURKIC AND ISLAMIC WORLD SAYS THAT. Most of the Turkic world is in any case Muslim, BUT CHRISTIANS ARE ALSO OUR BROTHERS AND JEWS ARE ALSO OUR BROTHERS. Armenians and Georgians are also our brothers. Because we have clasped them all to our breast under the community of Ottoman nations. They are all people who have served the Ottoman Empire and pan-Turkism. They are people who have served Islam.

Azer News-October 23, 2008

Adnan Oktar: Turkey will of course be a Great Turkey; that much is certain. I UNDERLINE THAT TURKEY WILL BE THE LEADER OF THE TURKISH-ISLAMIC WORLD, NOT WITH A NINETY-NINE PERCENT DEGREE OF CERTAINY BUT A HUNDRED PERCENT ONE. The whole world will see this in 10-20 years. We are all here, and it is crystal clear, by Allah’s leave. There is no alternative. This is the destiny of mankind, insha’Allah. There is already Turkish dominion of the Islamic world that it will lead. Turkic countries are all Muslim countries in general. But there are also Christianity and Judaism, which are regarded as brother faiths in Islam. They are regarded as the People of the Book. They are regarded with love. IN OTHER WORDS, THEY ARE ALSO PART AND PARCEL OF THE TURKISH-ISLAMIC UNION. Israel, for instance, is part of the Turkish-Islamic Union... Because they are true to the law of the Prophet Musa (as). Christianity is also still loyal to the law of the Prophet Jesus (as) and they are still a community that is true to him. We call them the People of the Book. Muslims  can marry their women. One can eat their food, food they have prepared. You can eat meat prepared by Jews. You can go to their houses and dine with them. One can be their guests and talk with them and stay over in their homes. What does this mean? It means an air of strong friendship and brotherhood. What does it mean if someone marries one of them and takes her into his home as his wife? This is a very powerful bond of friendship and brotherhood... Christians are also part of the Turkish-Islamic Union. Christians in any country bordering on an Islamic one can join the Turkish-Islamic Union. With no problem if they so wish. They will be very welcome. TURKEY WILL THUS BE THE LEADER OF MUSLIMS AND CHRISTIANS AND JEWS, INSHA’ALLAH. And it will bring peace, security and justice to them all.

Hürriyet-February 5, 2009

Israeli Rabbi Menachem Froman stated that the establishment of peace between Israel and Palestine was the problem most urgently in need of a solution in the Middle East and said: “IT IS AN IRREFUTABLE FACT THAT TURKEY IS THE MOST NATURAL MEDIATOR BETWEEN ISRAEL AND PALESTINIAN SOCIETY.  Turkish President Abdullah Gül and Prime Minister Erdoğan are the only two who can bring regional peace about.”

2009-03-09 14:36:24

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