A Rehabilitation Center is Open to Accept Animals

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Adiyaman Asu TV,  October 26th, 2009

Adnan Oktar:  A proper environment needs to be prepared for them. This needs to be convenient for the pigeons as well.  These poor things are always hungry. It is a pity. THERE CAN BE LARGE AREAS TO LET THEM FEED THERE, many nests can be built for them. The walls can be built with cavities on them so they can live there in comfort; especially while building up on high walls. It would be fantastic and suitable for them.    There can even be a two-story nest for them in order not to be affected  by cold weather and rain. That is very delightful to see a pigeon flying and entering such a nest. This is something brilliant. Why is everywhere built up as flat concrete? Insha’Allah, all these things will come true in the end times. Insha’Allah. 

Adiyaman Asu TV,  October  26th, 2009

Adnan Oktar: This needs to be built in each district of Istanbul because watching a cat is something delightful. A cat is a cute, lovely animal. One would want to love them in the strongest way. They are so sweet. They are fond of cleanliness. They lick themselves  clean all day. When they have no business to do, they start to lick themselves to clean. So a suitable place for them to live must be arranged. These things will be put into practice in the End Times, Insha’Allah.



 January 3rd, 2013, Bugun Newspaper


Mr. Sukru Sozen, the Mayor of Manavgat, announced that a rehabilitation and care center for street animals is now open . 


2013-03-23 23:39:20

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