The theory of evolution to be reviewed in schools

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February 20th, 2009, Hurriyet Daily News

ADNAN OKTAR:  I defend freedom and I think that all kinds of thought can be presented readily. Let evolution be taught in the schools and let the young people learn that people believed in such a comedy once upon a time.  This is useful as people can draw a lesson from that. We are in the era of the Internet. It does not matter whether  creation is taught in the schools as the youth can learn about the facts of creation, although the evolution theory is always being imposed as truth.

They listen to people who tell them  primitive stories from the 19th Century. They look at it as an interesting case and are surprised that some people still defend the evolution theory.  Teaching the fact of Creation together with the theory of evolution in the schools is the true manner of doing things. This is a democratic act. Or, while teaching evolutionary theory, it can also be taught that there are scientific studies, fossil records and findings that refute this theory. It is wrong to impose a lie continuously. 

January 13th, 2013, A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR:  Does anybody like it that their child learns an incorrect thing? Even Darwinists now accept that Lamark’s findings collapsed. However the state teaches these things as if they are true. Still, in Turkey, the students do not know that proteins cannot be formed by chance. They have also no idea that there are 450-500 million fossils that have been found already. All of these are the proofs of creation by Allah. This needs to be presented by the state. Have you ever heard before that there are around 500 million fossils that have already been found?  Have you ever read any state textbook mentioning that around 500 million fossils have already been found? No! Is there any information about the fossils? No! No changes have been detected in these fossils. All of them have been created with the golden ratio.  They are perfect and no change can be seen in them.

The state is propagating Darwinism. Little kids who are only seven or eight years old are being told that Allah created nothing, that the universe was formed by chance and we came from a pool of muddy water.  These children see the fossils, but nobody tells them that these fossils are the proofs of creation. Instead, they are being told that human beings evolved from a single cell. They teach these things to the children without submitting any scientific proof. 



February 14th, 2013, Milliyet


The Ministry of Education has updated the curriculum and decided to let teachers take the initiative in the fields of physics, chemistry and biology. The hours of some lessons have been decreased. In view of this, the topic of “The beginning of life and evolution” within biology lessons now takes nine hours instead of twenty-one hours in the curriculum. It has also been decided to examine and review  “The evolutionary theory.” 

2013-03-24 16:18:52

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