Free Service for Families of Veterans and Martyrs

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Başkent TV, March 6th, 2009

ADNAN OKTAR: Yes, (the veterans and the families of the veterans and martyrs) they have to be shown respect, love and affection because Allah didn’t give us that honor, He gave that honor to them. In other words, they are being tested with a great test.  So let’s put everything we have into this. How can you imagine kicking a veteran out of his house, taking his house? How can you forget about them? For example, when you see the member of a family of a martyr, you have to go and kiss him on the forehead. Families of martyrs should be shown respect everywhere, our whole nation should support them. I think the mothers, the fathers of the martyrs, they should all be presented with medals of honor. They should carry them around and we will go and hug them wherever we see them. Everyone should invite them to their houses, restaurants. For example, if he is riding a bus, and when he wants to pay, we should say ‘, Allah forbid, why would we charge you?’ . That’s how it should be like. It makes me uncomfortable to see anything to the contrary, it is really disturbing to see that it is not always like that. 

Çay TV, March 11th, 2009

ADNAN OKTAR: The war veterans are also forgotten. We do not see them everywhere. However, a war veteran should arrive at a patisserie, say hello and sit down. Then everyone come and kiss him on the forehead. No money should be solicited from him. If he catches a taxi, again no money should be asked. If he enters a store, again he should do the shopping for free. NO MONEY SHOULD BE SOLICITED OR COLLECTED FROM A WAR VETERAN. HE SHOULD WEAR A MEDAL AND WE SEE THAT MEDAL ON HIS CHEST. IF HE HAS LOST HIS ARM DURING THE WAR, PEOPLE SHOULD KISS HIS CRIPPLED ARM.

Asu TV, July 5th, 2010

ADNAN OKTAR: They risk their lives to protect our country, our dignity, our honor. Those stout-hearted youngsters, those lions. For example, he loses his arm completely or leg and he is forgotten in his home. How can you accept something like that? The veterans should have nice places where they can come together, where we can easily go and see and hug them. Wherever they are, right? We should be able to kiss their foreheads wherever we see them. When a veteran goes somewhere, we have to be able to recognize him from his medal, otherwise how do we know them? And we don’t want to see brass medals, that would make us uncomfortable. I don’t want that. I want it to be gold. I’m telling you, I’ll find you money. We’ll find it, we’ll raise the funds as the whole nation, insha’ Allah. And we will be happy when we see them living with great life standards.  For example, a veteran family, they live in a shack, almost forgotten, no one goes to visit them. I am asking everyone, please. The (veterans, families of them, families of martyrs) should be provided free service everywhere they go, in the restaurants, everywhere. They have to hear compliments all the time. And when he gets up to leave and get a cab, the cab driver should say, ‘Tell me wherever you want to go and I’ll take you there free’.

They saved your life, wealth, country, dignity and he has lost his life or limbs to do that. How can you ever ask him for money? How can one live with comfort when a father of a martyr is left alone, forgotten in his house? Or a veteran takes a cab, you don’t know who he is? And they usually will sit in their houses, why should it be like that? For example, if you are going to a wedding, take him too. Or you are having nice dinner, invite him over too. Hug him, embrace him, talk to him. For example, he lost his eye when he was still young and he cannot see the world now, and he did it for Allah’s pleasure. You should hug them and kiss on the forehead with love.  It will bring blessings, beauty, health to you, too. Otherwise, one would get depressed, lose his joy.



Jan 29th, Haber Türk


Fatma Şahin, the Minister of Family and Social Policies, said that they completed their work to provide free service to the elderly, disabled, families of veterans and martyrs and offer a new standard arrangement that would eliminate all the differences. She said they will submit the new plan to the Council of Ministers for approval.

2013-04-22 21:40:43

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