Haşmet Babaoğlu: “Many people’s lives are false and insincere “

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ADNAN OKTAR:  But the main thing IS THAT FALSITY, NOT BEING NATURAL, IS ONE OF THE GREATEST SCOURGES AFFLICTING SOCIETY. They meet up and ask about each other’s health in the most formal language, but THIS IS ALL BUILT ON COLDNESS AND LOVELESSNESS AND SUSPICION. THEY MAKE CUTTING REMARKS, THEY SHOW OFF AND TRY TO PUT OTHER PEOPLE DOWN. They use foreign words for no reason, English words that are meaningless to a Turk. Some religious types always use the Arabic terms for things. But if you know that someone else does not know Arabic, why insist on using it yourself? Or they use Farsi terms. They say 'This is what the proper Farsi term for something' is. To summarize, this terrible falsity has enfolded the world. BUT SINCERITY RELAXES THE SOUL, OPENS THE MIND, BROADENS THE HORIZONS AND IS THE KEY TO RATIONALITY. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR AN INSINCERE PERSON TO BE RATIONAL. ONE’S REASON IS INEVITABLY IMPAIRED. One begins to talk irrationally and stumble about. One’s language becomes unbalanced, so natural speech is out of the question, of course.


Sabah /  July 7th, 2012

In a piece titled “False,” Haşmet Babaoğlu has provided examples of how false, artificial and insincere many people’s lives are. He said how false those signs reading ‘We are happy’ found on the back of wedding vehicles are, how there are usually secret conflicts going on behind closed doors at those weddings, and how rather than think of their children’s happiness, people think of material things and chase after possessions and property. 

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