We have the same Allah and the same prophet with Sunnis

What He Said?What Happened?

Ekin TV, January 5-2008

Narrator: When can we, Alawites and Sunnis, act as one? What do you think the reasons of this conflict are?

Adnan Oktar: We are already together. We should not give these people the time of the day. Alawites are the Lions of Allah, our beloved brothers and sisters. Alawites are very brave and stouthearted. They are patient and trustworthy just like the rest of our people. There is no such issue, and never will be. We should take no notice of it, since these are the sayings of 3-5 people. Furthermore, these are the people who have no relation to Islam. ALAWITES ARE VERY DEVOUT PEOPLE WHO LOVE ALLAH VERY MUCH, LOVE THE PROPHET (SAAS) AND WHO CARE DEEPLY FOR THE BAYT OF ALI.

Ekin TV, January 19-2009

Narrator: There are artificial problems between Alawites and Sunnis, as if they want to obstruct the unity in the Islamic world. It is as if all Islamic scholars and Muslims want to unite but  some people obstruct it…

Adnan Oktar: Our people are very well mannered, easygoing and modest, and they do not like disorder. Since the Ottoman times, Turkish people have lived by Islam with perfection. Very noble and very reasonable people. You talked about separation between Alawites and Sunnis. Think of Alawites as many Alis (r.a) and as many Abu Abu Bakrs (r.a). And think of Sunnis as many Abu Bakrs(r.a) and many Alis (r.a). Was there an Alawite-Sunni conflict during the times of Ali (r.a) or Abu Bakr(r.a)? Now, everywhere is full of Alis and Abu Bakrs. We embrace one another. We are brothers and sisters. There is by no means such conflict. Those who are against, they can bring it on. But they can’t do anything. Alawites are great hearted. Truly great hearted. They are all like lions. These people are the cement of Turkey, and they are Turks as an additional trait. Alawites are stouthearted and strong people. Our Sunni brothers and sisters are also very thorough just like Alawites. We don’t have any conflict.

 Risale Haber, January 25-2009

İrfan Çetinkaya, the Chairperson of the Hacı Bektaşi Veli Anatolian Culture Foundation, stated that he is against discrimination between Alawites and Sunnis, and said “WE ARE ALL MUSLIMS. WE HAVE THE SAME ALLAH, THE SAME PROPHET (SAAS) AND THE SAME QUR’AN. NOONE SHOULD SAY HE IS AN ALAWITE IF HE DOES NOT BELIEVE IN THESE VALUES. A person with no love for Allah and His Prophet Mohammed (saas) cannot be an Alawite.”

2010-03-27 11:31:40

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