Turkish banks will open up braches in Syria

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The Gulf Today, November 2-2008

Adnan Oktar: There will be a Turkish Islamic Union, which will be established with the help of a Turkish Union in the leadership of Turkey insha’Allah. This will be realised with Turkey as the leader, and we are already on this path. After all, the most ideal method is Turkey’s leadership. Each country will be separate in administration but there will be a spiritual union insha’Allah. It will be like the European Union. Passports and visas will be lifted, countries will be able to make free trade and become brothers. For this to happen, the first grounds will be laid with Azerbaijan, insha’Allah. And again with Syria, one of the Islamic countries. Azerbaijan is also a country that is both Turkish and Muslim. Syria is also our brother in Islam. WE WILL ALSO UNITE WITH SYRIA INSHA’ALLAH. THESE WILL BE THE FIRST STEPS. AND THIS IS A PROCESS THAT WILL DEVELOP ONE AFTER THE OTHER. The Turkish Islamic Union will be established within ten to fifteen years insha’Allah.

Turkiye, January 25-2010

Turkish and Syrian bankers got together in Damascus and evaluated several collaboration opportunities on large grounds. Turkish bankers noted that a number of banking practices has been carried out with regard to improving economic and commercial relations between the two countries, and that they began to set up a branch in Syria as from this year.

2010-03-27 15:59:21

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