Turkey will undergo major changes

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Çay TV, July 23-2008

Adnan Oktar: Everyone should honestly believe that TURKEY IS HEADING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION AND WILL REALLY BECOME A SUPER POWER. Turkey will grow to unprecedented proportions. It will, by Allah’s leave, become the leader of the Turkish Islamic world. We're at the starting phase of this historic mission. The Turkish people are a people that will rescue the entire world from all sorts of pain, anarchy, terror, stress and suffering. The Turks are indeed noble and well-mannered people who have experienced hardship and have the spirit to govern the world in a productive manner. It seems like Allah has given this task to these people. Insha’Allah we'll see it in very near future.

Turkiye, December 31-2009

 İsmail Kaplan, the columnist at daily Turkiye, evaluated the recent successive developments experienced in Turkey in his column Points (Noktalar). In his essay he said, “Incidents occuring in only one day in our country equal to an annual agenda of a medium-size European state.” and stressed the need to ponder upon the phrase, “Turkey is a big country.”

2010-05-08 19:51:11

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