Turkey-Iraq railway voyage begins

What He Said?What Happened?
Channel 35 and TV Kayseri, November 15-2009

Adnan Oktar: Now all nations are surprised. They are saying “why have this Turkish-Islamic Union to develop for no reason?” The journalists also can’t make of it. They were saying and astonished, “how could we become brothers with Armenia, how could we unite?” ALL OF A SUDDEN, RELATIONS WITH SYRIA AND IRAQ HAVE DEVELOPED. A PERFECT RELATION WITH THE TURKISH WORLD. They say “what happened all out of the blue?” Because it is the time. Hazrat Hızır (pbuh) is currently getting it organized. He is the person who follows the situation insha’Allah and continues with incredible speed. Our dear brothers whether Alevi, Sunni, Caucasian, Kurdish or Abhaza, they are all dear to us. They are all children of this country. Very honest people. I see all of them as true Turks by the way. Insha’Allah. For example, I am a sayyid and Turkish. Turkish and Muslim are all the same for me insha’Allah. Therefore, the PERIOD OF OPPRESSION HAS ENDED. From now on, our brothers in the East will pass that period of suffering. So there will be no oppression or coercion. They will only want brotherhood and affection. YOU WILL SEE THAT ALL BORDER GATES WILL BE OPEN. THE REGION WILL BE OPEN ALL TOGETHER INSHA’ALLAH, AND IT WILL COME TO BE THE FATHERLAND OF BROTHERHOOD, PEACE AND LOVE. INSHA’ALLAH.

Zaman, February 12-2010

Railway voyages between Turkey and Iraq begins after years.

2010-05-20 17:19:49

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