Russia is also pleased with Turkish-Armenian expansion

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Azarbaijan Newspaper  525, August 27- 2008

Adnan Oktar: But this is not something against world unions of power. Turkey performs activities in the region in favor of America, Russia and also China. And they are all very pleased; America, Russia and China are all pleased. This pleasure will continue once the unification with Azerbaijan is completed. Nothing will change. That power (Turkish-Islamic Union) will not be to their disadvantage. Russia will become richer.

Armenia will become richer… Because Turkey doesn’t have a hostile attitude, but a friendly one toward Russia. We consider Russia as an ally country, as a noble nation. It is the last thing for Turkey to consider Russia as an enemy. Turkey doesn’t hold such a view.

Therefore, Russia would be very pleased with such a union. It would be in favor of Russia.

Radikal, September 3-2009

Russia, playing a key role in the negotiations about the Azeribaijani region known as Nagorno Karabakh under the occupation of Armenia said, “Positive. A long expected logical deal.” The Russian Foreign Affairs said, “We hope for the commercial and economic relations and the socioeconomic conditions of both countries to be positively affected by this improvement in mutual relations. Better relations would help the status to be normalized and peace and security to be ensured in the region.”

2010-05-20 18:50:35

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