Lira (currency) period with Iran

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Arabnews, November 9-2008

Adnan Oktar: Turkish Islamic Union is a system that embraces all world countries, loves all of them, that does not consider the other party as an enemy but forgives its enemy and turns them into allies. Therefore, such kind of system will not have any enemies. Because this system is enemy to noone. Since it has no enmity to anyone it will not have enemies. Turkish Islamic Union will be established for the purpose of bringing peace, brotherhood, love and ease to the world. The infrastructure of this system is now settled. Because all Islamic countries do want Islamic Union. I mean, if we ever carry out a poll we see that 95%, 99% of the people do yearn for Islamic Union. If we carry out a similar poll in Turkic countries, the result will also be similar.

If we ask those who want the Turkish Islamic Union, if we make a survey and ask them “Do you want Turkish Islamic Union?”; we’ll see and currently see that they all want it. I, myself witness it. This is what the public wants. The only thing needed is to convince, encourage and urge our senior politicians.This could happen any time. Right now, in an atmosphere of economic crisis, those ideas are suggested at once. Ideas such as “Let’s have a customs union. LET’S HAVE A COMMON CURRENCY, LET’S HAVE MONETARY UNIT. THIS MEANS THAT THE INFRASTRUCTURE FOR TURKISH ISLAMIC UNION IS READY. AND IN A VERY SHORT TIME IT WILL BE ACCEPTED. THIS BELIEF, THESE THOUGHTS WILL END UP IN A GOOD WAY. Because there is no country that this system considers as an opponent.

Yenişafak, January 30-2010

Ulusoy, the DEIK President, who got together with the Vice President Of Iran Ali AgaMuhammed said that they began using a local currency for the commercial activities between two countries.

2010-05-21 17:07:36

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