If we could just be like Turkey…

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Endonezya Antara News Agency, September 16-2008

Adnan Oktar: The understanding of Islam, which Turkey describes and lives, has been a very good model for Europe. Europe thinks that Turkey is very good and favorable in this respect and that the model of Islam experienced by Turkey is ideal for the whole world. This has brought a complete solution to the subject. A clear sighted, rational and sincere understanding of Islam will dominate the whole world with the leadership of Turkey insha’Allah.

Azerbaycan ATV, August 27-2008

Adnan Oktar: Turkey is really an exemplary country for the Islam world. It is a country, which understands and emphasizes Turkish nationalism, which UNDERSTANDS AND LIVES ISLAM AND INTERNALIZES SECULARITY VERY BEAUTIFULLY. All Muslim countries accept that Turkey is a country that applies and lives Islam the best. Turkey is very scrupulous in terms of general understanding, life or fear of Allah (takwa). Maybe because of the Ottoman heritage, Ottoman scholars also could have had an influence. Allah creates this beauty in some way. Therefore, I think that Turkey is very suitable for tHe leadership of the Turkish-Islamic Union.

Habervaktim, April 6-2010

What if we could be like Turkey

Daily Times, the most important newspaper of Pakistan, which the most crowded Muslim country lately visited by President Gül, noted the longing for Turkey, in its leading article. Here are some headlines from the complimentary article:

Having risen from of the ashes of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey is a relatively developed country, knocking on the doors of the European Union. In addition to enhanced cooperation in various sectors, Pakistan should take a leaf out of Turkey’s book in managing its domestic affairs. Turkey has taken the lead in commissioning the reinterpretation of hadith literature in the light of modern developments. This is one area where Pakistan could learn from Turkey in tackling militancy and extremism, and commission such projects in its own universities. Orthodox and outdated interpretations of religion have promoted intolerance that forms the basis of militant ideology. Replacing these interpretations with modern ones that are in line with current times could strike at the roots of fundamentalist ideology that has permeated all layers of Pakistan’s society. Expansion of Turkish schools in Pakistan as well as exchange of religious scholars and students can help promote this cause.

2010-05-21 17:33:09

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