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Kordon TV, July 27-2008

Adnan Oktar: So Turkey has to use its influence and directly act as a big brother and even become the influential leader of all Middle East and all Islamic countries. Because Turkey is a very smart country, with very sincere people.. It is a country made up of very scrupulous people, with a perfect army. It is very much scrupulous, thorough and well-educated country. And they are adored in all countries, where ever they go to. For example, they go to Iraq and they are loved, they go to Bosnia and they are loved, they go to Somalia and they are loved and they are respected everywhere. They are loved and respected in Afghanistan. So there is a factual situation here. That means all of the Middle East and the Islam world loves the Turkish army and Turkish people. So they want Turkey to act as a big brother. So Turkey has to come forward, bring forward a leader, a moral leader, and act as a big brother if necessary in both Islamic and Turkish countries. So it is essential for the region that the Turkish Islamic Union is established immediately.

Sabah, 10 February 2010


Turkey pioneered a historical peace in the Balkans, known with its bloody conflicts, yesterday. Bosnia Herzegovina assigned a delegate to Belgrade after three years and Tadic, President of Serbia, decided to go to Sarajevo to commemorate Srebrenica.

2010-05-21 19:54:22

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