Prime Minister Erdoğan: Our role is to act as the elder brother

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Kordon TV, July 27-2008

Adnan Oktar: The thing I want to say, as I say the right, the truth, as a matter of fact Turkey has to act as the elder brother in that area. Throwing its weigh about, in the  state of an elder brother,  it has to become the leader of the entire Middle East, all the Islamic countries. Because Turkey is a country where very sane, very sincere people live. It is a country where very conscientious people live. Its army is excellent. It is very very conscientious. It pettifogulizes, it is well educated. And the army is loved in all countries, whereever it goes, it is loved. For example it goes to Bosnia, it is loved, it goes  to Somalia, it is loved, it is respected everywhere. It is loved and respected much in Afghanistan. There is such a real situation. So the whole Middle East, the whole Islamic world love the Turkish army and the Turkish Nation. So they want it to act as the elder brother. So Turkey has to appear here, and fulfill the elder brother duty, in Islamic countries and in Turkish countries.

Yeni Safak Newspaper, August 13-2008

Expressing that he can’t hold aloof to the progressions happening around, Prime Minister Erdoğan stated: “We have to undertake the elder brother role in the area.”

2010-05-25 11:55:10

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