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Turkmeneli TV, April 22-2008

Adnan Oktar: The most wonderful thing to do is to establish Turkish Islamic Union. I mean to be the leader of all the Islamic countries, be the leader of all the Turkish states because all the Turkish states are already Muslims, generally Muslims. But also be the elder brother of the area Turkey has to protect the interests of Armenia, have to endeavor to make them wealthy too. It has to protect the interests of Israel, has  to bring the peace to the area, has to completely be the elder brother in the area. This is the most urgent duty. THIS IS ALSO VERY IMPORTANT IN TERMS OF EUROPEAN UNION. GETTING RID OF THE EUROPEAN UNION, GETTING RID OF TERROR, GETTING  RID OF THE TERROR, ANXIETY IS  A VERY BIG BLESSING AND LUXURY FOR THEM. ACTUALLY THE TURKISH ISLAMIC UNION PROVIDES DURABLY THIS, DEFINETELY PROVIDES THIS. All the ordeals in the Islamic world shall come to an end, all the turmoils will come to an end... We are not in a state to delay the establishment of the Turkish Islamic Union, not for a single day. It has to occur immediately. This is all in favor of everyone. It is neither against NATO nor against the European Union. It is in favor of the entire world. China shall feel at ease with this, Russia shall fell at ease, especially Russia will very much feel at ease. EUROPEAN UNION SHALL REST MUCH, America shall get rich, get stronger. So there is a big advantage and benefit in this in every way. But it seems it is necessary for Turkey to be the leader.


MPL TV, April 23-2008

Adnan Oktar: Actually Turkey has state experience. I mean it has imperial experience. It has experience to administer the countries and it has the talent. Turkish Nation has remained sterilized in terms of morality. Anatolian morality hasn’t spoiled. Anatolia conserved it. That hospitality, cleanliness, good morality, affection, caring, understanding of neighbourhood, understanding of compassion, understanding of altruism of it has remained the same. Europe has lost this… This is not something with which Europe would feel unease. THIS IS A SALVATION FOR EUROPE. AT THE SAME TIME TURKISH ISLAMIC UNION WILL BE LIKE  GENDARMERIE OF EUROPE. BECAUSE IT IS A VERY POWERFUL STRUCTURE WHICH PROTECTS EUROPE, PROTECTS THE WORLD, BRINGS PEACE AND SECURITY TO THE WORLD. ACTUALLY EUROPE WILL LIVE IN WELL-BEING AND TRANQUILITY. Why would Europe not want it? Nothing will be change. This system supports NATO, supports European Union too. THIS IS A VERY BIG BLESSING FOR EUROPE. EUROPE SHALL BE EXTREMELY WEALTHY WITH THIS… THE CLEMENCY OF TURKISH ISLAMIC UNION WILL SURROUND THEM TOO. THEY WILL LIVE IN TRANQULITY.

Taraf, April 7-2009

Obama who addressed EU members “Include Turkey too.”, also spoke very clearly in the Assembly: “The membership of Turkey will widen and strengthen the base of Europe.”

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