You are among your brothers

What He Said?What Happened?

Ekin TV, January 29-2009

Adnan Oktar: There is only one solution to this. There is only one solution both material and spiritual: Turkish-Islamic Union. A large, a huge Islamic Union composed of all Muslim countries in the leadership of Turkey and with the support of Turkic countries. This would be the most honest, the most decent, the most trustworthy and the most superb structure of the world… We are from the same ancestry, the same religion, the same race, everything about us is the same. There are lots of borders, let’s open them all. The borders of Azerbaijan should open, the borders of Georgia should open, the borders of Iran should open, the borders of Iraq should open, and the borders of Turkestan should open. We should be able to go and trade freely, talk and chat with one another. They are the dearest parts of us, our brothers. Why show passports when we go to their doors, we should be able to pass freely in our cars.

Çay TV, March 4-2009

Adnan Oktar: Why face with the wall or the door when we go there? For example, I go to my uncle’s house and the door is closed, I go to my other uncle’s house and the door is closed. Should I stay at home all alone? The doors of both Syria and Iraq should be opened, but especially Syria, it is a priority. The doors of Syria should be opened immediately. We would prosper greatly even if only Syria is opened. The situation would be very comfortable, both the craftsman and the public would be at ease. There would be great excitement in the spiritual sense since they are our dearest brothers and sisters. Above all, if the doors of Iran are opened, the case would be closed. We would ramp greatly and nothing would be able to stop Turkey with Allah’s leave.


Sabah, October 29-2009

2010-05-25 12:20:13

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