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Uşak ART TV, August 19-2008

Adnan Oktar: If Turkey assumes the attitude of an elder brother and takes over the situation, everything will calm down. Therefore, the Turkish-Islamic Union is a very urgent duty… Even a day’s delay would leave Turkey under responsibility. An immediate action is needed. Let Turkey propose this, and if a single person opposes it, they can come and tell me. Go and propose Syria to unite with Turkey, Syria would not think for two days. Propose this to Azerbaijan, they already propose it themselves. Azerbaijan wants this. For several times they said that they should unite with Turkey. They said, we should unite as two states and one nation. For this reason, this needs to be declared officially. But for this official declaration, there needs to be a demand from the public to the government. There should be a demand saying we want something like this, but this needs to be told in a persistent way so that the government can find the strength to do it and act. This is very important. Foundations, institutions, our public, all our Muslim brothers and the entire Turkish nation; they should all give great emphasis to it.


Mersin TV, September 5-2008

Adnan Oktar: Turkey, by the will of Allah, is going to be a big country. The Turkish-Islamic Union is going to be established. TURKEY WILL EMBRACE all of the Middle East, ALL OF THE BALKANS and Asia WITH THE SPIRIT OF BEING AN ELDER BROTHER INSHA’ALLAH. And a good system will be accomplished. If you pay attention, the Caucasian Pact is being established and there is the railroad project you know. There are the oil pipeline and natural gas pipeline projects. Meetings for the Islamic Union are being held. There is work done in order to make the Turkish Union even stronger. They are all very good insha’Allah. Our Anatolian region has always been a cradle for civilizations you know. That’s how Anatolia is. You know in the Ottoman period. THEY RULED ALL OF THE MIDDLE EAST, THE BALKANS AND THREE CONTINENTS FROM HERE. THAT IS HOW IT’S GOING TO BE AGAIN BUT IT WILL BE WITH LOVE, FRIENDSHIP AND SPIRIT OF BROTHERHOOD.


Patronlar Dunyasi, October 13-2008

Adnan Oktar: Turkey is moving towards the Turkish-Islamic Union. Our moral values will be strengthened and we will also be more powerful in monetary terms, and become the super state of the region; then there will be no Kurd problem or no Armenian problem or no Israel problem; all will be solved right from the root insha’Allah. Iraq will be under the control of Turkey insha’Allah, Syria will be under the control of Turkey insha’Allah, Azerbaijan will be under the control of Turkey; meaning Turkey will be their spiritual elder brother insha’Allah. Turkey will be their spiritual elder brother and assume a moral responsibility. Turkey will ensure the stability, peace and security of the region completely. Being the elder brother is the attribute of Turkey, SINCE THE OTTOMAN PERIOD SHE HAS BEEN THE ELDER BROTHER OF THE REGION, SECURING PEACE AND TRUST IN THE REGION. However, this time it will be perfect, it will be very beautiful, very auspicious and very good insha’Allah.


Kordon TV, July 27-2008

Adnan Oktar: So Turkey has to use her influence and directly act as a big brother and even become the influential leader of all the Middle East and all Islamic countries. Because Turkey is a country where there are very smart, sincere people. It is a country made up of very scrupulous people, with a perfect army. It is very much scrupulous, thorough and well-educated. And wherever they go, all countries love them. For example, they go to Iraq and they are loved, they go to Bosnia and they are loved, they go to Somali and they are loved and they are respected everywhere. They are loved and respected in Afghanistan. So there is a factual situation here. THAT MEANS ALL OF THE MIDDLE EAST AND THE ISLAMIC WORLD LOVES THE TURKISH ARMY AND THE TURKISH PEOPLE. THAT MEANS THEY WANT TURKEY TO ACT AS AN ELDER BROTHER. So Turkey has to come forward, or if necessary bring forward a leader, a moral leader, and act as a big brother in both Islamic and Turkish countries. So for the entire region, the immediate foundation of the Turkish Islamic Union is essential.


Hilal TV, December 27-2008

Adnan Oktar: I HAVE NOT SEEN ANY MUSLIM COUNTRY THAT DOES NOT ACCEPT THE LEADERSHIP OF TURKEY SO FAR. I have also not seen any Turkish country that does not accept the leadership of Turkey so far. Kazakhistan has just said once again that Turkey should be the leader. All of the Turkic states want Turkey to be the leader. Azerbaijan is looking forward to this; even Armenia wants to unite with Turkey. They say, let’s open our doors and unite. Of course they are encouraged to say that only after our essays and statements and began to think in this way. Armenia, Georgia, even Lithuania and even Russia will be in the Turkish-Islamic Union, insha’Allah.

In meetings all around the world Turkish flags were waved. This situation has been the proof of the trust of the whole world to the justice and mercy of the Turks; the fact that Turkey is the natural leader of the Turkish-Islamic Union and that there will be peace and prosperity in the region in case Turkey assumes the role of an elder brother.








Radikal newspaper, June 2-2010

Spain- France
Radikal newspaper, June 2-2010

Netherlands - England
USA - Austria
Radikal newspaper, June 2-2010

Radikal newspaper, June 2-2010

Gaza, Bosnia, London, RamAllah,
lus, Beirut, Damascus, Brüssels
Radikal newspaper, June 2-2010


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