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Hilal TV - December 27, 2008

Adnan Oktar:These are my recommendations; first of all, hospitals which would be free of charge should be founded. High-quality and agreeable hospitals should be founded. The places where people get free food should be founded.I MEAN, OPEN MARKETS, namely the places where people can get as much as they need, should be founded. Food should be stocked in advance and agriculture should be given great importance. Government’s intervention in agriculture is necessary and also the farmers should be supported intensively as well.. 


Cay TV - March 4th, 2009

Adnan Oktar:And also, it is necessary to found markets for the  poverty-stricken people, I mean such people could go and get the documents from concerned places like mukhtar (the chief), it is not something to be ashamed. It is something to be honored for them. It would prosper their place in the Heaven in the Hereafter InshaAllah. They would put their list to their pocket and say “I need that much cheese, that much olive, that much bread, this is my daily need” and then they would sign for them and say “I got those things”. Actually that is a great relief. For example; that is a great remedy and solution to the economic crisis.


Yeni Asya - March 15th , 2010

63 thousand people have benefited from the Sevgi market, which is founded to help people. Yildirim Mayor, Ozgen Keskin who said “There is a nice copiousness in here” also stated the following; “Nobody sees people who benefit from this market except for the attendants working there so that they would not feel humiliated. We do not want them to be offended.  Just like alms, who gets what and who gives what is not out in the open.”

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