The dream of Turkish Union should be realized

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American Public TV - December 25th , 2009

Adnan Oktar: I mentioned the Turkish-Islamic Union two years ago. And after I spoke about it, Turkic countries such as Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan and Islamic countries began lifting off the requirement for visa. What does lifting off the visa requirement mean? It means people from these countries would be able to freely meet and do business with Turkish people and to enjoy free social relations. Shortly thereafter, after visas have been done away with, passport requirements will be lifted, too. What does the lifting of the requirement for passports mean? A Turkish-Islamic Union, like an Islamic common market, a Turkic common market will emerge. However the aim in this is not a political one based on advantage, but a union dominated by feelings of love, affection, compassion, friendship and brotherhood. Therefore, above them all will be love of Allah, a fervor stemming from love of Allah and fear of Allah. Life will only then acquire meaning. Just eating and doing business do not make people happy. Economies are collapsing, as you see. The main reason for the economic crisis is lovelessness, selfishness, egoism and, above all, Darwinism. But the collapse of Darwinism, the increasing elimination of lovelessness, and the world dominion of love, affection and compassion are all spreading rapidly. Therefore, the Turkish-Islamic Union is on the ascent and it will be completely united in one-two decades, insha'Allah. 

Hilal TV- February 24, 2009

Adnan Oktar: Seeing those made me realize the importance of being united, being together and acting together once more. However it is clear that; this should be in the form of a Turkish-Islamic Union and should be realized immediately. Allah tells Muslims to unite. That is a religious duty. He (Allah) tells us not to be divided. Doing this, having Muslims divided in groups, would be a sin(haram).


Kanal 35- February 18, 2009

Adnan Oktar: Similar things happened 5 months ago, 6 months ago, 1 year ago and it goes on like this constantly. Of course; it is necessary to keep the feelings of Islamic patriotism, mercy and protection very strong. That is because; if such a thing happens to our own children; we would probably move heaven and earth; namely we would make a great scene. These are our brothers, our brothers in religion and they are aggrieved people; they see that they are in a desperate situation. In response to this; some seriously useful and agreeable activities should be done; but the most significant activity is the Turkish-Islamic Union. I mean; under the leadership of Turkey; constituting a great Islamic Union, constituting a great union that includes all the Turkish countries, all the Islamic countries; that is to lift passports and visas, to open the border gates, to make a military, a diplomatic, a political, alliance. We are able to do this in the same way that the European Union managed to do this, in the same way the Soviet Union did this in the past. This will bring love, peace; this will enhance the feeling of brotherhood, and this will place both Christians and Jews in a peaceful environment they all longed for. I mean; an absolute peace will be formed. They would be able to perform their prayers as they like, they would live in peace however they want. To constitute such a formation immediately, of course everyone should bring it into sharp relief and everyone should wish for this.

Türkiye, 26 Şubat 2010

Vakit, 26 Şubat 2010

2010-06-15 23:13:14

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