Beshar Esad is insistent about Turkey's becoming the negotiator

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The Gulf Today – November 2nd, 2008 

Adnan Oktar: Under the leadership of Turkey;The Turkish-Islamic Union will arise with the unity of the Turkish states and this unity will be constituted by the help of Turkish Union, Insha’Allah.This will happen under the leadership of Turkey and we are approaching to this step by step. Moreover; the most appropriate thing is the leadership of Turkey. Every country will be a separate state but there will be a spiritual union, like Europe Union Insha’Allah. Passports, visas will be lifted; countries will easily trade, deal with each other, they will become brothers. In order to constitute this; Azerbaijan will be the first stage. Also the Islamic country Syria will be another stage. Azerbaijan is not only a Turkish but also an Islamic country. Syria is our Muslim brother, too. We will be united with Syria as well, Insha’Allah. These will be the initial steps and it will progress as a process which will come consecutively. The development of the Turkish – Islamic Union will come true and it will be completed in ten or fifteen years Insha’Allah. 

Trabzon TV – September, 4, 2008

Adnan Oktar: THE REUNINON OF SYRIA AND TURKEY IS CLOSE AT HAND. Syria wants it strongly, Syria wants the brotherhood of Turkey… Syria and Turkey are separate states , but they want the unity. This is really good, in the Turkish – Islamic Union brotherhood; we can’t be apart. Turkey and Syria will be united Insha’Allah, this is sign of it. We will go to Syria without getting any passports and visas, and also Syrians will come and stay in Turkey however they want. We will become brothers Insha’Allah, those are the first signs of a nice association.

Radikal – November 14th, 2009

The President of Syria Beshar Esad  indicated that; he wanted Turkey to be the negotiator as he found Turkey as the only efficient power in the area during Syria and Israel conference.

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