''We will tell the national union project for Islam brotherhood''

What He Said?What Happened?

Adnan Oktar:Let me tell you the solution to this. These incidents continue to happen because Muslims don’t come to a solution. The solution is for all Muslims to unite, this is a religious obligation, and this is Allah’s command. It is a duty just like salat (daily prayer) and fasting. If a person does not perform prayer, then he is a wrongdoer. If a person doesn’t want the Islam world to unite and move together, then he is again a wrongdoer. In other words, he is committing a sin. The best solution is a Turkish-Islamic Union under the leadership of the Turkish nation, of Turkey and with the support of Turkic countries. The reason for the Turkish people being the leader, is because they are strong in terms of morality and the spirit of mujahid. They are metaphysical people and they have a special mission, as Allah created them in this way. So Turkish people are Allah’s sword, the Sayfullah, as a trait. However, being the ‘sword’ does not mean to cut and slice people. This is the sword of justice. Turkish people have the strength and hundreds of years of experience to perfectly carry out the leadership duty, with justice, good morals, love, compassion, mercy and honesty.

Kral Karadeniz ve Adıyaman Asu TV, 08 February 2010

Adnan Oktar:I did not expect Fatih Altaylı from Haberturk to use such a turn of phrase. Because, we have a saying like “he threw a stone.” Like “a person throws a stone and not 40 sensible persons could take it out” . He used a phrase that this comes to the mind. He behaved shamefully, very shamefully. To bring this to this level is so surprising. This is exaggerating, very exaggerating. Because see what he says, “read the Qur’an” he says. Why is this “throwing a stone”? It is a very good statement. In other words, isn’t the Qur’an read? It is read every single day. All Muslims do. Therefore, I would like to congratulate Mr. Bardakoglu, and condemn Fatih Altayli strongly. He did very wrong, I don’t approve. Publishing this as a subheading saying “throwing a stone”, instead of supporting such a positive statement... It is very shameful of him to be disturbed by this statement. WE ARE IN A MUSLIM COUNTRY, AND WHAT IS MORE NATURAL THAN THE HEAD OF THE DIRECTORATE OF THE RELIGIOUS AFFAIRS TO ADVISE PEOPLE THE QUR’AN? WHAT SHOULD HE ADVISE? The books of Stalin or the Das Kapital of Marx? He would of course advise the Qur’an as a Muslim. Therefore, this is very exemplary, very surprising, and very astounding.

Vakit, 7 March 2010

Mehmet Bayraktutar, the new Chairperson of Diyanet-Sen, said “We will tell the national union project for Islam brotherhood.”

About media organizations, which noted the recommendations of Ali Bayraktaroğlu, President of Religious Affairs, on not watching television and reading the Qur’an, as “a stone”, he said that he finds it very reasonable that Mr. Ali Bardakoğlu gave such an advice due to his assignment.

2010-06-26 22:43:46

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