The compassion of Turkish soldiers

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Hatay TV – September 7- 2008

Presenter:  The Middle East has been commemorated with wars for ages. In recent years, employing an integrated policy Turkey shows peace and tolerance and as the government of the Turkish Republic, do you think could we provide the environment of confidence towards our neighbours?

Adnan Oktar: Turkey’s role as the elder brother has started to spread progressively, everybody accepts this. For example; Georgia, Armenia  directly accept Turkey as a brother, this is so nice. I mean; the region loves Turkey.  THEY LOVE TURKISH SOLDIERS A LOT. NAMELY, THERE IS A GREAT AFFECTION TOWARDS TURKISH SOLDIERS IN THE WORLD. IN OTHER WORDS, THEY
ARE KNOWN TO BE AS A VERY BLESSED ARMY. I think the ways are opened to the very end. In my opinion The Turkish-Islamic Union seems to be established in 10 years time at most. It will happen, let me tell you InshaAllah.

  Bugün - February 11-  2010


 Turkish soldiers succour to people in Afghanistan  as well. AP news agent reported: “ Their barrels are down. Because that is how Turks give their message: ‘We are not here to make war’.”

2010-07-01 22:04:55

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