The international works of Mr. Adnan Oktar (Harun Yahya)

Adnan Oktar

He is a devout Muslim whose beautiful and powerful messages of peace and love are for both people of all faiths and those without a faith.

Adnan Oktar is a prominent Muslim intellectual who is regularly included in the list of the 500 Most Influential Muslims in the world.  As an author, he writes under the pen name of Harun Yahya and he's published more than 300 significant books that have been translated into dozens of languages.


His articles regularly appear in more than 200 newspapers and magazines in many countries all across the world with different languages and faiths, from Taiwan to Saudi Arabia, from Iran to the USA, from Israel and Russia.


On one hand, Mr. Oktar presents irrefutable, concrete scientific evidence about  the invalidity of Darwinism while he also writes books saving people from egoism, loveless and merciless of materialism.

His work, The Atlas of Creation, which has made a great impact across the world, has been an important step in disclosing the fossils that have been meticulously concealed by Darwinists.

When Mr. Oktar speaks, nations listen. His nightly lectures on the A9 television channel where he expounds on the themes of peace, love, brotherhood and unity are a must-see. In response to fallacies and mistaken beliefs, and amidst increasing global tensions, Mr. Oktar published one of his most influential books, ‘Islam Denounces Terrorism’.

This landmark volume has done much to show people that Islam is a religion of peace and how terrorism is incompatible with its beliefs.  As a first in the Islamic world, he established a brotherhood between Jews, Christians and Muslims, organizing key meetings for important religious and political leaders from all sides.

His book, ‘A Call For Unity’ is seen as a valuable contribution to this dialogue.  Its central theme is that Jews, Muslims and Christians are united by a belief in the same God, and a love of the same prophets.

To reach and connect with a wider audience, conferences and seminars are conducted all around the word.  From London to Lisbon, South Africa to Switzerland, thousands of people come together to listen and spread his message of peace, love, unity and brotherhood. 

Mr. Oktar has also described his vision of Islam that embraces beauty, fashion, modernity technology, science, and the arts.    

Through his lectures, videos and statements, Mr. Oktar clearly demonstrates that science and religion are not enemies. They are both valid searches for the truth that are in complete harmony with each other.  

His voice will continue, undimmed and undeterred by those who seek to sow disharmony and discord.

Mr. Oktar is a powerful force for good, helping humanity to fulfil its ultimate destiny of living in peace, love, trust and harmony.


In the future, mankind will live in peace in an era of unprecedented prosperity and unity. There will be no wars, therefore weapons will no longer be made, their manufacturers having retooled their factories for peaceful purposes. Mankind will come together as one, regardless of faith, or race or nationality. The world will achieve peace. The brotherhood of man will come to fruition at last.”

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