New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (17 January 2016)


Another characteristic of hypocrites is that they love to disturb Muslims. They try to do as much harm as possible: In other words, they try to harass and disturb Muslims with their words, with their annoying implications. Even the smallest possibility of harming a Muslims is very important for them.  However, every time they try to do harm to a Muslim, that Muslim acquires merit in the Sight of God while the hypocrites sink down a little bit more into damnation.  Step by step, they get closer to Hell. Every time they speak, their place in Hell gets deeper.  Every time they harass a Muslim, Hell's pull on them grows stronger and more and more troubles plague them in this life as well. For example, the first cell of a tumor receives the order to multiply from God. You act in hypocrisy but you are unable to order a cell around. It spreads over your body. God damns you. You consider yourself to be independent. You imagine that no one can possibly understand what you are actually saying, nor can anyone comprehend what you actually mean, yet you are just a poor creature. What do you think you are? If you don't eat or sleep, you will die. You simply are in need of everything you are given. You are miserable. What makes you think you are superior?

The members of the shadow state have a claim of being a sort of deity, they have a sense of insolence. They think they are above ordinary people. They read books no one reads, know things no one knows, aim to have a higher intelligence than other people, aim to be smarter than other people, meet with individuals no one can get in touch with, make plans that no one knows about, hatch sinister plots that people are unaware of. As a result, these immoral people become exhausted, miserable and restless. God damns them all. Step by step, they get closer to damnation. Believers, on the other hand, lead peaceful, serene lives.



"Those Bedouins who remained behind will say to you, ‘Our wealth and families kept us occupied'." (Surat al-Fath, 11) In other words, they make up excuses such as “My mother didn't let me, my father didn't let me, I had things to do, my friends didn't let me." Do you live for God's sake or for your friends' or your family's? If you live for God's sake, for the good pleasure of God, you must make your own decisions. I ask people, "Where is your family?" They answer, "Outside." I say, "Where do you see them?" They answer, "Inside my brain." How can an image inside your brain order you around and deter you from the path of Islam? Are you that weak -minded? "The image inside my brain didn't let me do it," they say. God tells you to "Go" but the image inside your brain says, "Don't." Why don't you abide by the command of God? Why do you follow the commands of the images inside your brain? They say, "It looks as if it is real." To look real does not make it real. It is just an illusion. Only God is the Absolute Real One.

I seek refuge in God from satan; "No, you thought that the Messenger and the believers were not going to return to their families."(Surat al-Fath, 12) In other words, they thought the believers would lose their jobs, their educations, their friends; they would never return to their homes as they would die, be severely injured or be assassinated. But even if you stay behind, you may die of cancer, die in a car accident or of a brain hemorrhage while Muslims lead very long lives. Or you may not die but you may lead miserable lives: You may literally suffer. So what is it that you get in return? Every moment you spend, you spend it in misery.

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