New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (3 May 2016)


Gravitons are, as you know, particles that mediate the force of gravity. These particles are found in larger numbers in higher dimensions. When an entity from a higher dimension makes contact with our dimension, these particles are swept towards our dimension: In other words, they head towards our dimension.  Here, "sweep" is a technical term. At the point where Gabriel (pbuh) comes into contact with our dimension, the force of gravity increases considerably. Likewise, those who contact  the jinni also feel this shift in gravity, but to a lesser degree. They feel exhausted; for example, when a jinn comes into contact with their arm, the arm feels very heavy, like it weighs a ton. All those who communicate with the jinni are familiar with this feeling as if they are being vacuumed by a vacuum machine, the graviton particles begin to flow towards our dimension. In other words, they are being sucked towards here. When Gabriel (pbuh) comes from a higher dimension, he causes such a change in  matter. When Gabriel (pbuh) visits our Prophet (saas), he begins to feel heavy and exhausted but when Gabriel (pbuh) leaves he feels relieved. Besides, they cover our Prophet's (saas) face with a veil so that people do not stare at him. Every time our Prophet (saas) receives a revelation, his companions immediately notice it, as he begins to sweat, turns red, and closes his eyes. They quickly cover him with a veil; everyone keeps silent and no one looks at our Prophet (saas).  They only listen to the revelation.

When the revelation comes, they immediately bow their heads out of courtesy. They do not look at our Prophet (saas) because our Prophet (saas) feels faint, it wouldn't be proper to sit and stare at him. However, just in case someone might look at our Prophet (saas) unintentionally, the companions immediately cover his face with a veil out of politeness. They use a thin veil so that it does not discomfort our Prophet (saas). A thicker cover might cause discomfort and difficulty while breathing. So they use a thin, breathable veil to cover his face. He starts to breathe excessively. As far as I understand, his excessive breathing is caused by the heavy pressure on his body and the rapid beating of his heart as if he is running, out of the heaviness of the revelation. Thus he sheds sweat as pure as pearl drops from his forehead as he continues to receive the revelation. Our Prophet (saas) says, "First, I hear a sound similar to rattling." A sound similar to the sound of a rattle. It resembles the sound of a rattle or something similar, but our Prophet (saas) says, "When I hear that sound, I realize that I will receive revelation." And then a feeling of faintness follows the sound.  What Almighty God says in a verse of the Qur'an is quite meaningful in this regard. I seek refuge in God from satan; "O Muhammad, We will impose a weighty Word upon you." Look, Almighty God refers to that feeling by the word 'weighty'. It causes a quite heavy feeling. But those who communicate with the jinni know this feeling well. There are millions of people around the world who communicate with the jinni; I believe all of them are familiar with this feeling of heaviness. In other words, this phenomenon is not only exclusive to our Prophet (saas). A similar phenomenon occurs in communicating with the jinni because they exist in a higher dimension. If ours is the third dimension, then the jinni live in the fourth dimension. This phenomenon is caused by the dimensional difference.



Imam al-Ridha speaks of the characteristics of Imam Mahdi (as). "I will tell it as far as I can remember" says the companion. "Mahdi is the most knowledgeable, the wisest, the most pious, the most generous, and the most devout of all people. He sees everywhere" says Imam al-Ridha. He might be referring to  television and the Internet. "He does not cast a shadow" he says probably referring to Hazrat Mahdi's (as) image on the television screen. Since the television images are two dimensional, they do not cast any shadow. This is a perfect description of a television by our Prophet (saas). Look, he says, "He sees everywhere; he sees all around." He also says, "He does not cast a shadow"; just like the images on a television screen right? "When he sleeps, he closes his eyes but not his heart." In other words, his heart is always with God. "His heart receives the revelations", in other words, God sends revelations directly to his heart. "He smells the most beautiful of musk scents." In other words, Hazrat Mahdi (as) has a beautiful scent. "His prayer is accepted; in fact, if he prays so, he can split a rock into two."  This is written in Yaum al-khalas, on page 84. In other words, even the most unexpected things come to happen through his prayer. He uses the rock splitting into two as a metaphor; what he means is that even the most improbable things can happen when he prays.

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