New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (26 May 2016)


Hypocrites were only concerned with getting our Prophet (saas) into a tight corner. They constantly tried to imply that he was uneducated and unwise -may God forbid the thought-, and believed themselves to be clever. However, wisdom always trumps intelligence. Even though the hypocrites constantly made  fools of themselves, they still didn't stop trying to outsmart our Prophet (saas). Our Prophet (saas), with his wisdom, always blocked their efforts. If you pay attention to how the hypocrites speak, you will realize that their speeches always reek of sedition and villainy. They are always arrogant. Hypocrites have always been jealous of the prophets; jealous of their wisdom, strength, talents, and achievements. And consumed with jealousy, they always tried to hold him back our, yet always failed. For example, they said to people, "Do not go out to fight in the heat." Why did they say this? So that people wouldn't help him and he would fail. This was their plan. They also hoped that, saying it would give boost their. They hoped to appear more merciful, more compassionate, wiser, and more mindful.

The truth is hypocrites are extremely foolish creatures since God took away their wisdom. God mocks them and plays with them. God humiliates them in front of the Muslims. However, being the witless creatures they are, they still wait like a bird of prey for an opportunity. They disgrace themselves every time, yet they repeat this again and again. When you look at their statements in the Qur'an, you will see that their sole purpose was to embarrass our Prophet (saas) and prove themselves to be superior -may God forbid-. For example, the treacherous man mentioned in  Surah al-Muddaththir claimed that he was superior to our Prophet (saas). He said, "I am more sophisticated, more knowledgeable, I speak more foreign languages, I can analyze the situations better, etc." And hypocrites relied upon him. He said, "Let me take a look at the Qur'an that Muhammad came up with -may God forbid the thought-. I will prove it to be fallacious and tell you about it. Give me some time." And the hypocrites got excited thinking he would find a fault in the Book. In other words, he was to find a contradiction in the Qur'an and outwit our Prophet (saas) -may God forbid-. He studied the Qur'an for days. Look, in the verse God says, "He frowned". Hypocrites have terrible expressions. They look worn out, lifeless and virtually reek of sulfur as they are always in touch with satan. Due to their connection with satan, they have a lifeless, schizophrenic appearance. God says, "He frowned and glowered." In other word he scowled. Then the man said, "This is nothing but the words of a human and full of discrepancies." However, even though he said the Book is full of discrepancies, he realized the Qu'ran has a mathematical system based on the number '19'. He realized this system, yet rather than being amazed by Islam and strengthening his faith, being the evil man he is, he spoke against the Qur'an. Look, even though he realized the miracle of the number 19, he did not acknowledge it. Out of impertinence, he foolishly tried to embarrass the Prophet (saas). Then, Almighty God reveals the secrets of the verse and points out to the number 19. God says that the man fell into the trap and explains the secret of 19. God says, "I have placed that number in the Qur'an in favor of the believers and to the detriment of the unbelievers." He says "This is to their detriment. Let them call their backup." The hypocrites of that era  had ties to the Roman Empire; in other words, the Roman Deep State. In modern times, the hypocrites formed an alliance with the British Deep State. The deep state moved from the Romans to the English. It became the British Deep State. The hadiths point out to this. In the hadiths, our Prophet (saas) says, "The devil sits on an island in the sea. From there, he sends out his soldiers." Our Prophet (saas) was referring to the End Times. Because in other cases, he would specifically mentioned Rome.

I seek refuge in God from the accursed satan, Almighty God says; "Will they not ponder the Qur'an? If it had been from other than God, they would have found many inconsistencies in it.” Look, God says; "He reflected and plotted." He reflects on the measure of 19. "Curse him, how he plotted!” says God. The Qur'an indicates that the hypocrites will be cursed. "Curse him, how he plotted!" says God. "Then he looked." Of course the look on the hypocrite's face is a foul one. This is what the Quran points to. "Then he frowned and glowered", in other words, his face takes on a foul, vile, despicable expression. Hypocrites always have a wretched expression. Look, God says; "Then he frowned"; a lifeless, scowling, foul expression. This is their signature imprinted on them by God. "…and glowered. Then he drew back" Hypocrites are such foul people, they immediately run away from any hardship they come across. This is what God points to in the verse.  "...and was proud" says God. He acts arrogantly thinking he is superior, wiser, more clever, more knowledgeable, more experienced. "He said, This is nothing but magic from the past." Look, "He said, This is nothing but magic from the past." [Surah al-Muddaththir, 24] He notices the miracle of 19 and is amazed by it; however, he says that this number is nothing but an ancient coding system, nothing but magic from the past. Instead of being amazed by the miracle of Almighty God and having faith in Him, the man tries to deny it still. "This is nothing but the words of a human being", in other words he says the verses of the Qur'an, and the Qur'an itself is nothing but the words of the Prophet (saas). "I will drag him to hell and burn him" says God. Here, God says ‘dragging’ as the man will surely resist. In other words God says, "Since he will resist, I will drag him." God will drag him to hell like the vile men he is. "I will drag him to hell and burn him. What will convey to you what hell (saqar) is? It does not spare and does not ease up," Hell does not restrain anyone, nor does it let them go. Since God allows them to crawl around hell, they believe themselves to be free but they cannot escape; this is what the Qur'an refers to. "...ceaselessly scorching the flesh." Hell is like a wild animal. It constantly craves scorching, tormenting, hurting, torturing. Hell is like a crazed animal, it treats the irreligious, the hypocrites aggressively. Look, "...ceaselessly scorching the flesh", in other words, it devours them, brings them to ruin. It is thirsty. "There are nineteen in charge of it." Nineteen angels. Nineteen mighty angels. "We have only appointed angels as masters of the Fire and We have only specified their number", the number '19', "as a trial for those who are disbelievers; so that those who were given the Book might gain in certainty...", so that the Christians, Jews and Muslims believe in the Qur'an with certainty. So that the faith and enthusiasm of those who have faith increase. "...and those who have faith might increase in their faith, and both those who were given the Book and the believers might have no doubt", so that their beliefs become absolute. "...and so that those with sickness in their hearts and the disbelievers might say;", so that the hypocrites and disbelievers with sickness in their hearts might say, "What did God intend by this example?" Such is their foolishness. God gives them a code out of the number '19' but they still do not comprehend this. "In this way God misguides those He wills and guides those He wills." For example, God misguides the hypocrites, and guides the believers. "No one knows the legions of your Lord but Him." No one knows about Hazrat Khidr (as) and the angels. People know about them only when God tells them. "This is nothing but a reminder to all human beings." Those who have sickness in their hearts should seek a cure. Those who have hypocritical tendencies should seek a cure. This is a reminder from God and the hearts of the believers find relief and strength. "Or that of a storm-cloud in the sky, full of darkness," Look, God says "Full of darkness"; do you see that the Qur'an describes the souls of the hypocrites? Their souls are pitch-black. "...that of a storm-cloud", turmoil dominates their souls; sudden agitations, sudden fears, sudden horrors. "...thunder and lightning", in other words, their inner worlds are dark. God says that they feel alone and miserable as if they are exposed to storms and darkness, "They put their fingers in their ears against the thunderclaps, fearful of death." Look, "...against the thunderclaps..." says God. Since God constantly gives them troubles and anxiety, the hypocrites are in constant fear of death and growing old. They are terrified of it. Hypocrites despise death; it horrifies them. They are also terrified of aging and sickness. "They put their fingers in their ears...fearful of death", in other words, they do not want to hear about, learn about anything. For example, they do not want to hear the recital of Qur'an. This does not only refer to the physical activity of putting fingers in one's ears. They make noise, make a fuss or leave altogether. Or for example, they run away to a higher place, or a lower one. Yes. "God encompasses the disbelievers." In other words, God says "Wherever they go, I will be there." Regardless of where they go. (Surah al-Baqara, 19)

In the 9th and 10th verses of  Surah ash-Shams, God says, "He who purifies his self has succeeded." Those who are sick, immoral can  attain salvation only by ridding themselves of their immoralities. Those who have hypocritical tendencies can only succeed by abandoning such tendencies, those who have irreligious characteristics, by abandoning such characteristics, those who harbor malice, sedition and mischief in their hearts by abandoning these... Those who harass the believers with their foul, vile personalities and deeds can only achieve success by purifying themselves of such behaviors. "He who purifies his lower self has succeeded." God says that such people will find salvation only if they purify themselves. "And he who covers his lower self up through rebellion and sins has failed"; in other words, God says those who covers their lower selves up, "who eliminates the cure", through an anarchist, aggressive, psychopathic soul, through deeds contradicting with the Qur'an, through constant denial, lies, and deceit; have failed.



It is related from Abdul-Aziz Ibn Muslim: "The Messenger of God (saas) decreed, " Imam Mahdi maintains law and order in religion. He is the might of the Muslims to enrages the hypocrites, and futile to unbelievers." He is the pure, bright face of Muslims. "He (Hazrat Mahdi (as)) enrages the hypocrites." Look, " He (Hazrat Mahdi (as)) enrages the hypocrites." This is one of the characteristics of Mahdi (as), "and futile to unbelievers." Of course he will achieve this through wisdom and knowledge. (Usul al-Kafi al-Usul Min al-Kafi al-Kulayni, volume 1, page 296)



The verses regarding the hypocrites and the irreligious are intended for the believers. It is because these verses have no effect on the irreligious or the hypocrites. But have an effect on the believers. They make a deep impact on the hearts of the believers. This is why we read these verses, for ourselves, for the believers, for those who have faith. The hypocrites and the irreligious feel rage, anger towards these verses. They only fuel their hatred. God says in the verse of the Qur'an, "...but it only makes them run away the more!" In another verse God says, "Each time a verse is sent down there are some among them who say, ‘Which of you has this increased in faith?’" God says, "But it only makes them run away the more!" These verses only fuel their resentment and hatred. These verses increase the faith of the believers while fueling the resentment and hatred the hypocrites and irreligious feel. The believers reform themselves while the irreligious and the hypocrites only become worse; they become more insidious, fiercer. Their souls turn blacker, whereas the souls of the believers become brighter, lighter.



Look, here are a few examples of the arrogance of hypocrites. Among the characteristics of hypocrites are egotism, arrogance, and praising themselves while making others look merciless and heartless. They always claim they are being mistreated and accuse others for this and they accuse believers of being unjust. It is a display of their immorality.



"While traveling with his army on a campaign to Uhud, our Prophet (saas) came across an orchard whose owner was a vicious hypocrite. The owner refused them a way to pass through his orchard.  The orchard was on their route and the army had no other choice but to pass through there. Of course, the Messenger of God (saas) had to pass through it. The hypocrite said, "O Muhammad, if you are truly a prophet, it will not be lawful for you to trample down my orchard.” Do you see how vicious the hypocrite is? What should our Prophet (saas) do, fly his army over? What other choice does the Prophet (saas) have? Of course, it is not right to talk about the Prophet (saas) this way, may God forgive me. But our Prophet (saas) had to pass through the orchard. Besides, the owner would be compensated for any damage to his orchard. "And then the hypocrite picked up a handful of dirt from the ground", look at his immorality, "and said 'If I knew for sure that this would not offend others, I swear to God I would have thrown this dirt at you.'" Look, he appears to be compassionate and thoughtful, in truth, he only thinks about himself. Do you see his snobbery? "I swear to God I would have thrown this dirt at you" he says. Offended by the arrogant behavior of the hypocrite, a few Muslims started to come at him. our Prophet (saas) said, "Leave him be. He is a morally blind man. He is blind at heart. God has rendered his heart blind." And he said nothing else.

Another example, when the camel of our Prophet (saas) was lost, the hypocrites said to him, "If Muhammad (saas) were truly a prophet, he would have known where his camel was." Look, you see their impertinence? This is a perfect example for the tone, the language of hypocrites. "Upon hearing this, our Prophet (saas) said, 'Yes, indeed, I only know what God has conveyed to me.'" Prophets do not know about the unseen. Later than, our Prophet (saas) commanded, "Now, God has shown me where the camel is. It is in such-and-such valley, bound to a tree. Go look for it.". God grants our Prophet (saas) a vision -an image- of the camel and he tells his companions where the camel is located. God does not inform him beforehand. And when He does, our Prophet (saas) tells the others where the camel is. They found the camel at the exact location, the valley our Prophet, the Messenger of God (saas) had directed them to. This is the sign of his prophethood; this a fact mentioned in the hadiths. our Prophet (saas) frequently received visions. This is a trait of the prophets; they have visions. This is mentioned in the Torah as well. All the prophets posses such ability; they receive visions. They enter a sleep-like, a dream-like state in which they receive visions. The hypocrite said, "If he were truly a prophet, he would have known where his camel is." Do you see his arrogance, his impertinence? Hypocrites exploit every means, and use all kinds of indecent methods to gain advantage. How can the Prophet (saas) know where the camel is? The only way he can know is if God informs him about it. He is going through a trial as well. He cannot know if God does not inform him.

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