There might be some provocative attempts against the Ikhwan, so they should be cautious

International media and the coup government claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood attacked 40 churches and burned down 4 of them. However, in the social media it is being reported that these attacks were carried out by Sisi's men and that the Muslim Brotherhood is being  framed for it.

ADNAN OKTAR: “Of course it is possible, there might be such provocations. Why would a Muslim burn down churches? I mean there are those thugs, the Baltagiya lot, they are very vicious. All sorts of vicious acts might come from them. All those thieves, scoundrels, maniacs and murderers are among them. These are highly dangerous types, they should be watched carefully. 

Disinformation will extensively be used in these days. Our Egyptian brothers should be very careful about that, the world should watch out as well. The supporters of the Ikhwan should not be swayed by those provocative attempts either. 

The Ikhwan is very attentive, they are very careful about the protection of  churches. The whole world should be warned against such false reports.

That is because they are very dishonest. The deep state in Egypt is very vile, very dangerous. They are also under the influence of the Ergenekon Terror Organization: The same is true for Syria. They are watching over each other everywhere in the world. There is such a dominance of thugs all around the world. This dominance of thugs, this dominance they have established, will be destroyed by the Mahdi, insha'Allah. But of course they will not be able to destroy it with politics; it would only be possible with the establishment of the Islamic Union." (August 15th, 2013, Adnan Oktar: A9 TV)

2013-08-16 01:16:26

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