“They talk about everything to do with Egypt, but the only thing they never say is what the solution is”

I say 30 or 40 times a day that the only solution is Islamic union. Religious teachers of all kinds and experts of all kinds appear on the television and talk about all kinds of issues, but they never speak of Islamic union, the only solution.

I look in the evenings and see that on every channel they say, “There is killing and slaughtering. There is persecution going on. Blood is being shed. They are in a wretched state.” Right. That is true. "They have killed people unjustly, they have beaten people up.” That is also true. “So what do you have to say about that?” “That is all,” they say, “I just want to talk about that.”

My brother, say what the solution is. Say, “The solution is this.” There is no other solution; yet they insist on never mentioning Islamic unity, Islamic union.

Everyone describes this in lachrymose voices, but why do you not say what the solution is, my dears? Say; "We will recognize freedoms for all women. Women who wear low-cut clothes will be free to dress as they wish, everyone will be free to dress as they wish, and those who want to cover up will be free to dress as they wish. Let tolerance, warmth and friendship prevail. Let us love one another. And let us love Christians and Jews, and atheists and communists. They are all our children, so let us watch over them, too.” One must adopt a loving approach.

All right, let them hand the government over to the Brotherhood. What will happen then? Surely religious matters are above that, but the system will stink again. A rotten and polytheistic system. No women in Parliament. No women in official offices. No beauty, no art. Cities that turn brown and gray. People that turn brown and gray.

Some people say, ‘Democracy brought us to this state’ and suggest ‘abolishing democracy, law and freedoms’ as a solution”

People who talk about a solution want “a polytheistic system to appear.” They speak of a hell in which there is no democracy, freedoms or love, in which women are repressed and in where there is no joy. May Allah grant them sense.

They imagine they can produce a solution by saying, "Democracy has brought us to this state. So let us abolish democracy, and law and freedoms and all that. They are why we are where we are now.” "Let us bring in a fundamentalist way of thinking,” they say. In other words, "Let us bring in a polytheistic system. Let us establish a sea of polytheism. Let us turn the whole Islamic world into hell.” What do you say to that?” "Hell is no good like that, we will make a better hell,” they say. "What kind of hell is that? They are killing 40 or 1,000 people a day. We will butcher tens of thousands,” they say. "We will do much better,” they say. That is basically what they are saying. What kind of solution is that? That is how people who propose solutions talk.

My brother, talk about liberty, democracy, love, art, science, beauty and the Islam of the Companions: Bring about a bright and lovely world. You have all kinds of means.

Make a paradise up and down the length of the Nile; for hundreds of kilometers along the banks of the Nile., make a paradise out of hundreds of kilometers. All of Egypt must settle there. And listen to music and have fun day and night, and observe your acts of worship. Let there be women who cover up, and women who uncover their heads, and women who cover their heads. Let there be communists. Let young communists play their guitars. Let young atheists have fun. Let young people enjoy themselves freely.

There can be no solution in Egypt through politics, only with love and embracing everyone”

Not through politics. Only with love and embracing everyone. Bediuzzaman says," I seek refuge from the satan and from politics." It cannot come through parties and party politics, says Bediuzzaman.

No Islamic party must be set up,” then, “Maybe if they were all completely devout, or 70% or 80%.” But that is not the case in Egypt. Many people do not pray. They follow parties as if they were sports clubs. Religious people would not be so devoid of love, would they?

Egypt would have been a paradise on earth by now if they had adopted a peaceful, loving, friendly, rational, modest and conciliatory approach. It would be the loveliest country in the world.

But it is become a place of nightmares, where nobody understands anybody, or can win anybody over, and where even Muslims offer a cold and violent world. I mean, the Muslim Brotherhood does not offer violence, but they offer a cold world.

They must treat the Copts and thugs with love as well. They must take an interest in the young thugs and try and instruct them and rehabilitate them”

The thugs are a community devastated by lovelessness. They have always been despised. They have been treated as less than human, because they are Copts. But if the brotherhood had treated the Christian Copts and the thugs and everyone with affection, would that not have been much better?

If every family took an interest in a few of those youngsters and took care of their reading and education, the results would be very good. Is that not right? They should be saying, “You young thugs, you are our brothers, so let us all join together and share our happiness, joy and brotherhood.”

They produce people with Orthodox mindsets, and these talk in a despairing way with no solutions. “They are killing and butchering.” We know that. They are saying, “We will kill.” “We have done it and will do it more,” they are saying. There is no point going on proving it. They are killing and butchering. These people say, “Instead of you killing, we will do the killing. Instead of you persecuting people, we will persecute you.” That is the situation.

Saudi Arabia probably thinks its own regime will also collapse. They are supporting them in a crazed way. The Saudi regime is in a dire situation, they have huge problems, too. But with love and a new mentality the regime could change the system entirely. Ladies should be enlightened as in the time of the Companions, and young people should be at ease.

None of those who debate the situation in Egypt on the television ever talk about Islamic unity”

None of them ever talk about Islamic unity, if you notice. Look, they all go to great pains and lengths to avoid mentioning Islamic union, because “Islamic union means the system of the Mahdi.”

They go on about “They are killing and butchering,” they talk about everything, but never a word about Islamic union. Would it stick in your throat to say the words Islamic union? Tell Muslims to unite. They cannot say that because it would mean bringing up the system of the Mahdi. Since they are against the idea of the Mahdi they do not want to talk about a system that would bring the system of the Mahdi in. They always just talk about the suffering.

My brother, we know that, so why tell us? If the system is fascist and ruthless, of course that is what it will do. But these people say, “I am even more ruthless than you. I will leave you standing.” In essence, that is what they say. “If I give you freedom, you will create an environment that will make me completely uncomfortable,” they are saying. “So I am going to prevent such a scourge.” That is why there is no salvation for them if they do not embrace the system of the Mahdi and Islamic union.

So what are you talking about? Offer a solution. Why are you talking if you do not want Islamic unity? As if people do not see. We watch the television, we see it. People are killing and butchering, so why tell us? People in Egypt do not deny it. “We will do that, too,” they say. “We will leave them standing. Kill them.” The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia says that quite explicitly. “Destroy them. We will provide arms if necessary,” it says.

They tell all this in great detail, as if we did not understand, as if the public had not grasped it; "They are killing and butchering!” My brother, we see the photos and the footage day and night. They talk about it day and night. It would all come to an end if you said the solution lies in Islamic unity.

But on the contrary, they raise their voices in a chorus of, “We do not want Islamic unity.” Allah will not give you what you do not want.

Let them say it just once. Their tongues would not drop off. Say, “I want Islamic unity.” Tell people just once to come together. But they take great pains to avoid doing so.

Allah tells us to be united. But you say you do not want to. Allah says, unite "in ranks like well-built walls." But you explicitly say you do not want that.

They have developed this fear of the Mahdi. They are terrified about the appearance of the Mahdi. So they foolishly imagine they have done away with what Allah deemed the most important obligation. They never speak of Islamic unity because they are terrified the Mahdi will come. (17 August 2013, Adnan Oktar, A9 TV)

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