Statements like that of Israeli Columnist Dan Margalit would cause great harm to Israel

Israeli Columnist Dan Margalit, a close associate to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, said, "We will cry blood for generations to come if the coup fails and Brotherhood is back to power in Egypt"


Mr. ADNAN OKTAR: The scourges are knee deep right now; the animosity against Israel has increased a thousand times. For instance, if it used to be "one" before; now it is "a thousand". That is because when they make such statements, people assume that Israel is the one behind events. And after that, an irreparable hatred, a fatal grudge against Israel continues to grow in the Islamic World. 

The Israelis should strictly avoid making such statements. While we are trying to calm down this dissension, with such statements they are instigating animosity towards Jews in the world.  

For a man who hears such statements - imagine a radical person who doesn't have any information to refute these urges- it will instantly turn into a devastating hatred. Such a policy is the one Israeli state should immediately put an end to. They should never allow such statements. Why is there such a need, my brother? While it is possible to ensure peace, tranquility and stability; how are we going to be able to persuade these people when you make such statements? After such statements, after such incidents, after all this bloodshed. 

Our Israeli brothers should strictly avoid making such speeches. They are giving such statements on their own without consulting anyone assuming that they are doing good; however, with  such statements they are simply opening the door to a thousand times more scourges.

What kind of relief could these statements bring? What kind of contentment could they bring about? They would only be opening the door to a hatred that would last a hundred years. Do you have any idea about what you've been doing by that? (August 20th, 2013, Adnan Oktar: A9 TV)

2013-08-28 03:01:44

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