A9 TV, 16 April, 2012

If universities were established in Afghanistan, if it were a very modern country such as Sweden or Norway, nobody could invade it. Neither Russia nor America could even think about it. If they were to eradicate Darwinism and materialism. If they set up middle and high schools, universities, hospitals, a superb industry and a high-quality army, and if they raised a high-quality younger generation, they could obtain the most splendid results. Islam would spread across the world at high speed. But with their present mindset they are trapped. They must attach great importance to culture and knowledge.

A9 TV, 26 March 2012


Fanaticism has ruined Afghanistan. America went and attacked fanaticism and broke it. That fanaticism first ruined Afghanistan. But the bigots were prepared for that. “Come and ruin the place,” they said. They permitted no economic development or military development. They turned their backs on science, technology, art and everything. Bloodthirsty psychopaths turned Afghanistan into a wasteland. My apologies to the religious sites and religious matters. Then it was all ready for America to step in. It occupied the place with ease, and no problems arose because these people in Afghanistan are opposed to science, technology and art. Could America have occupied Afghanistan if it had a powerful army and well-educated young people and was a high-class country?



2012-10-31 10:29:17

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